522 inceleme
  • Great except cannot select any other location than the default top/right. that sucks.
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  • I come from Hunan Province,China.But the location is always New York,USA.I cannot change it at all.Could you please fix it?
  • Great addon! Shows the correct current temperature, unlike some other software - like gis-weather or gnome-weather.
  • Great,

    but, please use Precipitation probability(%) insted of Precipitation(mm).
  • Alerts don't appear in application. Option is selected to show alerts but none appear yet I've confirmed a Winter Weather Advisory for my area.
  • Well everything was just peachy, I enjoyed the app for at least a year. Than with this new update (fix version) the weather app says it cant connect to the weather service. I tried to unload and reload, nothing works. Its use less to me now. If anyone has a fix please post it, I really like this app.
    please read this:
  • Recent hiccup was remedied with method two from this site: https://appuals.com/how-to-clear-or-disable-hsts-for-chrome-firefox-and-internet-explorer/

    Fantastic addon with all the weather info i need. Thank you.

    Edit: 10 days later i had to wipe site prefs again. Its no big deal but i wanted to mention it in case someone runs into this.

    So to sum it up all i have to do is wipe site prefs to get this addon working perfectly. Waterfox 2019.10