599 inceleme
  • lag and bug
  • This app is working as intended, you just need to head to the iridum's settings and enable autoplay. The app works after that.
  • This addon makes YouTube a lot more usable. I love the blacklist feature, the ability to disable autoplay, and ad control.
  • Could not play any videos on YouTube after installing this.
  • Видео на YouTube вообще перестали включаться после установки этого приложения. Как только удалил - всё опять заработало. правьте. Пока удаляю. Win 7 x64, Firefox 68.0.1 (32bit)
  • Had good ideas but it's pretty much abandonware now.
  • Prevent videos from playing. ANY videos.
  • Made YouTube stop playing ANY video.
  • It was a decent replacement for Youtube Plus and the old Youtube Center, but the dev stopped updating it since Jan 2019. Now YT videos don't load anymore and the extension's settings are unreachable.
  • Depuis que cette application est installée, aucune vidéo YouTube ne charge.
    After installing this add-on, YouTube videos doesn't load anylore.
  • Videos stop working after installing this, reversing playlists doesnt seem to work either.
  • Abandoned.