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  • I'm glad this is moving to Firefox-only for the developer to be able to work on it easily. Firefox is easily the best browser right now, considering Google's obstinacy surrounding public-standards-compliant API implementation in their flagship browser.

    This extension has been essential for using YouTube, especially for allowing me to control volume with the mouse wheel, like any normal video player. I hope that feature is next on Particle's list to reimplement in the new refactored version. They are doing a great service to the community by continuing to develop this awesome browser extension.
  • Hate to shit on your doorstep but this update sucks, you literally removed everything and forced me on the new layout, Don't add a half finished alpha and not let us go back to the old version, you've neutered this whole addon and left us with some scraps of its former self, I loved it but now I can't even uninstall it because it completely breaks YouTube.

    EDIT: A swift reply from the developer has completely resolved all the issues stated before, I wasn't aware you could downgrade, You can do so at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/ I hope that with time the addon can return to its former glory but as of now I'll be using the older version. Best of luck to the developer, hopefully the addon can become even better!
    The extension uninstalled is not breaking YouTube, in fact while it is installed it is the only thing making it work for users that are being affected by a YouTube bug: https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/diy07n/bug_the_video_loaded_like_this_and_ran_at_about/

    And you can roll back to the previous extension version, they are always available in the version list: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/
  • WTF This extension, I removed it, and when I want to watch a video, simply no longer opens the page of the video, extension broke my browser, other YT accounts works normally, but the account I used not.
    No extension can break YouTube after it has been uninstalled, this one is actually making it work for you while it is installed. What you are having is a YouTube bug that other users already reported before, nothing to do with this extension: https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/diy07n/bug_the_video_loaded_like_this_and_ran_at_about/
  • I've loved using the extension, but the newest update have so few features that I've rolled back to v0.2.5 for now.
    I understand that you started from scratch to make it easier for you in the future, but maybe you should've waited to push the new version, until it had reached feature parity with the old version.
  • the last update broked everything, this add-on was perfect, reverse the update and my 5 stars are also back
    -update, this developer is making this add-on as a hobby and he doesn't have a lot of time, please respect his work, he will release all the old features in the future
    please check this : https://github.com/ParticleCore/Iridium/issues/737#issuecomment-541321036
    edit 2: I installed and old version from this add-on and it's working perfectly ! just go to https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions
    And please Particle, open an Utip so we can donate by just watching ads of our own free will
  • Not working for me anymore. There's no iridium icon on youtube to access settings or anything. All the functions from before are missing. And most importantly, after uninstalling extension, youtube is not loading properly. Weird.
  • I was ok when it got "an overhaul" and didn't notify me, breaking youtube across all my computers.

    I was ok when the "overhaul" didn't really have the core functionality, it was a half-baked alpha with empty menus.

    I am NOT ok with the "overhaul" suddenly asking for weird permissions. Firefox should not be recommending this add-on.

    (And no, I will not allow access to all my tabs, just so the extension doesn't show two option pages)
    The reason for the new permissions have always been detailed in the extension description under "Also very important, the permissions explanation"
  • This was and eventually will be an amazing extension. Thanks to the author for putting a lot of effort into it and for sticking with Firefox <3

    If you're not satisfied with the lack of some functionality in the newest version (which will be there at some point), just revert it back to 0.2.5 and be happy https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/particle-iridium/versions/ Stop leaving one stars which you will never bother to remove.
  • Does not work anymore since some updates already, I uninstall, it is useless to me
  • I'm not sure, why they chose to update and temporarily removed a lot of features, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. They have created a cool free add-on and I will give them time to get it back to where they want it to be.
  • What a shame. Was a great extension, my favorite of all YouTube extensions, then the developer did a rewrite update which removed literally everything. Here's a tip: Don't push the rewrite update 'until' you add back all (or at least most of) the features that were originally there. Now it's the equivalent of a digital paperweight. At this point, I have no choice but to remove it and move onto something else.
  • What's the point of releasing something that works halfa$$ (it's not even half, more like 1/10 of an a$$). Completely ruined plugin.
  • This isn't how you handle updates.
  • ParticleCore, what are you even doing? You have just updated an addon with everything removed. Why didn't you just NOT release the addon, add the features then release it? Good luck with the negative reviews buddy
  • Thank you, with the latest update my favorite feature has been added again but even better than before, whenever you hover-over the video's thumbnail, it will give you a preview of the video in a gif like style, which is awesome, than you again
    The plan is to add most, if not all, of the features again.
  • Like many people are saying, the new update completely ruined this.
    Installing the older version doesn't work either, it just keeps resetting the settings back to default every time you change them...
    Was it really necessary to remove all features while you rewrite the extension, instead of leaving the previous version up?
  • Has been a great add-on for a long time. The new "update" removed all features. Why push an update through that does not work? They need to revert it, until they finish rebuilding it. A blank menu page... is a sick joke.
  • I do not understand why the developer did an update when the older version with all the features was working nicely and now the version 1.0.0 removed all these features.
    The reason? he re-write it from scratch...

    Imagine my GNOME or KDE or MATE desktop showing me only the terminal after an update because they re-write it from scratch... or GIMP removing all keyboards shortcut as well as the "Colors" and "Tools" menu because they re-write it from scratch? (and they re-write it from almost scratch)
    In comparison it's what you did!

    That's not how you should behave as a software developer... You gave features, then you remove all...

    This behavior will got you only negative review which will made your extension appears far at the end in no time when searching a youtube extension, which also mean people will try others extensions instead, and once people have tested others extensions they will forget you...

    Plus, the 0.2.5 version in the Version history need to be re-installed every time you open Firefox even if you select to NOT update automatically (Firefox detect after a re-start of itself, that the iridium is not the latest version and disable it)

    Why i kept the 5 stars. I am still asking myself...
  • I enjoyed this extension for a long while but I cannot understand why push an update that obviously isn't ready, like what's the point?
  • Why was this great extension just screwed up for no reason?