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Phony Ingen omstart Utvalda

View mobile or desktop versions of sites, by impersonating other browsers' useragent headers.

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (84)
26 247 användare
Uppdaterad June 28, 2016

AntiGameOrigin v6 Ingen omstart

AntiGameOrigin - the other OGame experience for all communities.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (4)
11 726 användare
Uppdaterad June 28, 2016

RemindMeBot-Reddit Ingen omstart

All the great features of /u/RemindMeBot in a quick and easy to use extension!

Inte betygsatt än
34 användare
Uppdaterad June 26, 2016

Big Navigation Ingen omstart

enlarging the navigation links on the pages

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (6)
761 användare
Uppdaterad June 25, 2016

Safe for Amoled Ingen omstart

Darkens the background of the page

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (18)
2 249 användare
Uppdaterad June 21, 2016

URLFilter Ingen omstart

Block advertisement and access to adult sites

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (15)
4 158 användare
Uppdaterad June 17, 2016

Auto Form Filler By Fire360Boy Ingen omstart

This addon fills --ALL-- the text inputable fields on the web page with dummy text(Random Text) For Web Dewelopers and Programmers
Author : Fire360Boy
Email : Fire360Boy@gmail.com

Inte betygsatt än
225 användare
Uppdaterad May 30, 2016

Free Search & Youtube HD Video Downloader FREE Ingen omstart

Youtube Video Search Engine Watch Live And Download free
Mp3 , Wallpaper,Software Search And Download free

Flash Video Downloader helps you download any video (flv, mp4, HD) from YouTube, Facebook, Break, Metacafe and more in one click.

Betygsatt 3 utav 5 stjärnor (2)
3 507 användare
Uppdaterad May 25, 2016

Vagex Firefox Add-on

Vagex is a view exchange site which will expose your video to thousands of members in order to increase the view count. With our system, YouTube will see all the views your videos are getting and promote it even more, having a sort of viral effect.

Betygsatt 3 utav 5 stjärnor (6)
4 261 användare
Uppdaterad May 23, 2016

InfoNotary Configurator for Mozilla

Configures Mozilla for work with certificates issued by InfoNotary Plc.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (2)
9 590 användare
Uppdaterad May 17, 2016

Decentraleyes Ingen omstart

Skyddar dig mot att spåras av "gratis", centraliserat, innehållsleverans. Det hindrar att förfrågningar görs till nätverk som Google Hosted Libraries och tillhandahåller lokala filer, så att sidor inte pajar. Kompletterar vanliga blockerare.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (48)
37 777 användare
Uppdaterad May 7, 2016

URL Fixer Ingen omstart Utvalda

URL Fixer fixes common typos in URLs entered in the address bar. It will fix errors like "google.con" or "youtube,com". You have the option of being asked to confirm corrections before they are applied.

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (107)
13 015 användare
Uppdaterad May 3, 2016

No need flash plugin on embeded youtube movies Ingen omstart

No need flash plugin on embeded youtube movies

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (2)
7 549 användare
Uppdaterad April 10, 2016

NoScript Security Suite

The best security you can get in a web browser!
Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (1 580)
2 075 425 användare
Uppdaterad April 6, 2016

Dorando keyconfig

A modified Dorando's tool to rebind keys in Mozilla apps. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement, and will keep your old settings. (See details for upgrade instructions.)

As of version 2016.2, Custom keys (using custom JavaScript) works again!

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (11)
1 262 användare
Uppdaterad March 20, 2016

Vine Video Download Ingen omstart

Download videos from Twitter's Vine.co short video app.

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (4)
5 473 användare
Uppdaterad March 16, 2016

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor (1 350)
723 683 användare
Uppdaterad March 8, 2016

Silent Block Ingen omstart

Minimum and fast URL blocker.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (16)
8 095 användare
Uppdaterad February 12, 2016

DOM Inspector Plus! [dm]

Improved DOM Inspector! [dm version]. Box Model new layout & more data, see screenshot!. Horizontal scroll for Dom-Tree, and some more.
Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (4)
557 användare
Uppdaterad February 8, 2016


Vietnamese-language input method editor (IME). Type diacritics directly into any Web page, Web app, or dialog box. Convenient, comprehensive, secure.
Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho phép đặt dấu trực tiếp vào bất kỳ trang Web, ứng dụng Web, hộp thoại.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (32)
3 251 användare
Uppdaterad February 7, 2016