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NoScript Security Suite Utvalda

The best security you can get in a web browser!
Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

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2 099 883 användare

Keyword Search Ingen omstart Utvalda

Search in the address bar without changing your search engine.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (85)
9 883 användare


The all in one toolbar(item). Houses and manages bigger amounts of buttons (Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, ...), Menus (User Agent spoof...) and checkboxes (Javascript, Flash, ...). Extensible from online-database or with self created buttons.

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15 781 användare

Random Agent Spoofer Ingen omstart

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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KeeFox Utvalda

Simple and secure password management. Login automatically, never forget another password, stay in control of your passwords and improve their security. Powered by the world-renowned KeePass Password Safe.

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60 038 användare

Adguard AdBlocker Ingen omstart

Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (189)
209 631 användare

Policeman Ingen omstart

Policeman gives you precise control over what web requests are allowed. Create rules based on domain name and type of resource being requested. It can also be used to improve privacy or block cross-site scripts.

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3 760 användare

Secure Password Generator

Easy to use add-on to create random secure passwords.

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2 103 användare

Form History Control

Ett tillägg för att granska och hantera formulärhistorikposter (visa, redigera, ta bort, selektiv sanering, exportera/importera)

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (83)
25 153 användare

Perfect Redirector Ingen omstart

Automatically prevents Malware from known malicious websites. Prevents loading of known blacklisted sites, browse the net-safer!

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (30)
964 användare


Remove or manage a new and uncommon kind of cookies, better known as LSO's.The BetterPrivacy safeguard offers various ways to handle Flash-cookies set by Google, YouTube, Ebay and others...

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465 028 användare

Pan Ingen omstart

Block ads and manage proxy.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (89)
3 973 användare

SSleuth Ingen omstart

How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL/TLS connection and gives a brief summary of the cipher suite, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (10)
5 432 användare

Clickjacking Reveal Ingen omstart

This extension tries to warn you if it found clickjacking technique on the page you are viewing.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (8)
2 835 användare


The quick and easy way to delete your browsing history, erase all temporary internet files, remove downloaded files history, cookies, Flash LSO, typed URLs. Allows to delete private data when Firefox closes. Supported ext. tools like CCleaner.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (97)
84 713 användare

SearchReset Ingen omstart

This add-on is very simple: on installation, it backs up and then resets your search preferences and home page to their default values, and then uninstalls itself. This affects the search bar, URL bar searches, and the home page.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (158)
549 användare

Malware Search

Mainly for use with HijackThis logs, this plugin will search various malware related databases for selected (highlighted) text.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (33)
4 013 användare

FlashDisable Ingen omstart

Toolbar button that lets you disable and re-enable Flash with just one click.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (49)
24 421 användare

Advanced Dork:

Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu...

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466 användare

Adblock Edge Ingen omstart

Adblock Edge is a fork of the Adblock Plus version 2.1.2 extension for blocking advertisements on the web, without sponsored ads whitelist.

**This addon has been discontinued**

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (307)
465 817 användare