Tab Mix Plus Kräver omstart

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager.

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Stylish Kräver omstart

Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and many, many other sites. You can even customize Firefox and other programs themselves.

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Classic Theme Restorer Kräver omstart

Squared tabs, appmenu, add-on bar, small button view and many more 'old' features for Firefox 29+ (Windows / MacOSX / Linux).

All builds & changelogs on versions page!

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FireGestures Kräver omstart Utvalda

A customizable mouse gestures extension which enables to execute various commands and user scripts with six types of gestures.

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Easy Access Kräver omstart

Allow an easy access to the system commands and other programs in your computer.

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Personas Plus

Personas (now known as lightweight themes) are free, easy-to-install "skins" for Firefox. Personas Plus extends that built-in functionality to give you even more control and easier access to new, popular, and your own favorite themes.

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Reddit Enhancement Suite

NOTE: Reddit Enhancement Suite is developed independently, and is not officially endorsed by or affiliated with reddit.

RES is a suite of tools to enhance your reddit browsing experience.

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MinimizeToTray revived Kräver omstart

Minimizes windows into the system tray.

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NoSquint Kräver omstart

NoSquint is no longer maintained. :(

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All-in-One Sidebar Kräver omstart

AiOS lets you open various windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them. So it put an end to the window chaos! In addition to bookmarks and history it opens dialogues such as downloads, add-ons and more in the sidebar.

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MeasureIt Kräver omstart

Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

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Status-4-Evar Kräver omstart

Status bar widgets and progress indicators for Firefox 4+

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Text Link Kräver omstart

Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.

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Print Edit Kräver omstart Utvalda

Allows editing of web page content while in Print Preview mode, prior to printing or saving as HTML or PDF. Compacts the layout and removes unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages. Any element can be formatted, hidden or deleted.

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Tree Style Tab Kräver omstart

Show tabs like a tree.

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The Addon Bar (Restored)

Gives you a place to put all your add-on buttons without over-crowding the navigation bar.

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Theme Font & Size Changer Utvalda

Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font.

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R-kiosk Kräver omstart

Real Kiosk is a Firefox extension that defaults to full screen, disables all menus, toolbars, key commands and right button menus. Alt+Home still takes you home. ...

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Webmail Ad Blocker Utvalda

Expand your email area by blocking and removing ads on the right hand side of the screen when using Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo Mail.

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Menu Wizard Kräver omstart Utvalda

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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