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Link Properties Plus Kräver omstart

Provides extended link properties: size of linked file, last modified time, etc.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (15)
1 256 användare

Extension Options Menu Kräver omstart

Adds extension options dialogs to the Tools or Titlebar menu and includes toolbar icon.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (55)
4 508 användare

Addons Manager Hilite

Remembers last selected (hilited) extension/theme/plugin/userstyle in Add-ons Manager. Version 3.0 also includes sorting buttons. Turn off/on the add-on selection list box and/or fine tune behavior via its Options.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (18)
408 användare

ConQuery Kräver omstart

Context searching for everyone and URL manipulation tool for advanced users...

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (36)
93 användare

Nagios Checker Kräver omstart

The statusbar indicator of the events from the network monitoring system Nagios.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (66)
6 805 användare

MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5 Kräver omstart

MinimizeToTray For firefox 3.Minimizes Mozilla windows into the system tray.Note:I am going to remove this extension if the original creator make a FF 3 version!

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (121)
185 användare

FlashGot Mass Downloader Kräver omstart

Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (709)
433 211 användare

Copy Plain Text 2 Kräver omstart

Kopierar all markerad text som oformaterad text.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (92)
26 781 användare

Search as list Kräver omstart

Search results appear as list (as per the "Open email as list" button).
- return to facet view with shift+close [x]
- auto open list view when few results found
- column config./sort/toggle [IMG3&4]
- apply columns to search as list menu [IMG5]

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (27)
3 066 användare

Console² Kräver omstart

Console² (pronounced Console Squared or Console Two) replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console. From v0.5 includes the Console Filter extension previously available separately from the Console² website.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (47)
3 152 användare

Menu Wizard Kräver omstart

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (227)
135 710 användare

Folder Pane View Switcher Kräver omstart

Add arrow buttons for rotating among folder views, and switch to "All Folders" view when hovering over the folder pane during drag & drop.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (43)
9 388 användare

SmartTemplate4 Kräver omstart

SmartTemplate4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates. Templates can be created for every account as well as for global settings (for all email accounts).

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (52)
18 010 användare

Addons Quick Search Kräver omstart

Type first letters of add-on name to find them in the list or press Ctrl+↑/↓ to switch between add-ons categories.
Additionally remember and restore last selected item in each list.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (11)
518 användare

Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird) Kräver omstart

A Thunderbird extension which disables drag and drop in the folder pane.
This extension prevents unintended folder movement.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (15)
2 071 användare


Add-on for Thunderbird that replaces the built-in notifications with OS native ones. It supports most Linux Desktop Environments as well as Windows 8.1/10.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (43)
10 171 användare

Identity Chooser Kräver omstart

Identity Chooser hjälper dig att välja rätt avsändaradress när du skriver ett e-brev.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (90)
8 302 användare

Nostalgy Kräver omstart

Keyboard shortcuts to change folder, move/copy messages, with folder name auto-completion.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (144)
8 599 användare

Automatic Dictionary

Remembers the language you use with a person or group of people, and switches the spellchecker language automatically for you next time. You do not have to do it manually any more. It remembers and switches it for you.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (33)
3 658 användare

Password Tags Kräver omstart

Lägger till sorteringsbara användarspecifika taggar i lösenordshanteraren.

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor (13)
1 214 användare