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WarnAttachment Kräver omstart

WarnAttachment zeigt einen zusätzlichen Dialog um das Öffnen von gefährlichen Anhängen zu bestätigen. Einige Anhänge wie z.B. .exe-Dateien werden komplett geblockt. Dies reduziert das Malware-Risiko besonders für unerfahrene Benutzer.

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Copy Message ID Kräver omstart

Adds a button to the message view toolbar to copy the message ID to the clipboard. This is useful when sending email replies via the command line.

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49 användare

AdvancedTasks Kräver omstart

Thunderbirds Lightning Extension: Allows the use of Markdown in Task descriptions and renders them as HTML in the TaskView.

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Search with Joy! Block Ads While Surfing!

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34 användare

Quick Folder Key Navigation Kräver omstart

This extension makes it possible to quickly navigate to a particular folder in the folder pane simply by typing the first few letters of the folder name when the folder pane has focus.

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206 användare

TipsTrade Ticket Buttons Kräver omstart

This extension parses emails for TipsTrade Tickets and VRMs and creates a menu that links directly to the vehicle in the Broking Applications. Add the "Ticket" button to the email preview toolbar. Click on the button to generate tipstrade:// links

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Avec MyAdFilter, les créateurs de contenus gratuits vous proposent une seule publicité par page. Sinon, bloque toute les pubs.

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Great DANE Kräver omstart

Retrieve DANE S/MIME Certificates for Encryption/Signing.

This extension enables users to automatically retrieve S/MIME certificates using the Great DANE Engine (https://github.com/grierforensics/Great-DANE-Engine).

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Protected E-mail Addresses Kräver omstart

Generates protected and disposable e-mail addresses and filters junk mail sent to invalid addresses.

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eBay Template Generator Kompatibel med Firefox 57+

Generate e-bay templates online - in few minutes.

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Delete Read Emails Kräver omstart

Adds a button in Thunderbird's toolbar that enables you to delete all your read emails at once

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Hütte Nippon for Thunderbird Kräver omstart

Display weather report for a week of Japan.

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Edit Message Encoding Fallback Kräver omstart

UTF-16LEなどの送信非対応のエンコーディングのメッセージに返信しようとした時に、安全なエンコーディングに切り替えます。(Bug 961983の暫定的な回避策)

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Logout Kräver omstart

This extension adds "Logout" to the folders context menu.
After you "Logout" you will be asked again for passwords for this account (incoming and outgoing).

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JIRA Integration Plugin (Beta) Kräver omstart

Create Jira Tickets directly from within Mozilla Thunderbird (based on E-Mails). This Addons saves your Username and Password in clear text. Use on your own risk. (Also, you might need to disable the CSRF Filter in your JIRA Instance.)

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CustomizeMyBird add-on offers ui tweaks to improve Thunderbirds appearance (squared tabs, custom tab height, alternative Add-on Manager appearance, compact main toolbars and more).

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Zoiper Thunderbird Plugin Kräver omstart

It allows you to make calls via Zoiper Communicator from Mozilla Thunderbird.

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Attach from Clipboard Kräver omstart

Create file attachments directly from the system clipboard.

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Reply As Original Recipient Kräver omstart

Reply with the From: field set to the To: field from the original email.

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177 användare

Reply To All Reminder Kräver omstart

Asks for confirmation when "Reply" instead of "Reply to All" is pressed on an email with multiple recipients.

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