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Send to Internals Kräver omstart


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Lades till mars 5, 2018

Duplicate Contacts Manager Kräver omstart

This add-on searches the given address book(s) for matching contact entries.
It can automatically delete entries that have equivalent or less information than some other one.
Any remaining matches are presented to the user for manual treatment.

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Lades till feb 24, 2018

Send to Things for Thunderbird Kräver omstart

Create a new Things task from the current email you are viewing. Opens the quick add dialog with subject and message content pre-filled.

I've created this add-on as a user of Things, it is not created or endorsed by Cultured Code.

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Lades till feb 12, 2018

Force Hide Message Pane Kräver omstart

Force hide message pane at startup.

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Lades till jan 18, 2018

Switch Link External Handler Kräver omstart

Provides abilities to switch external handlers to open links.

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Lades till jan 18, 2018

No Delete Kräver omstart

Prevents to delete messages from your disk. Note that it's OK to move mail into trash folder itself.

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Lades till jan 18, 2018

tb_email_grabber Kräver omstart

Very basic extension that exports all sender of mails in one folder into a CSV, which includes their fullname and email. The extension adds an option to the folder view context menu. Please select the folder to export before starting the export.

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Lades till jan 1, 2018

Asciidoctor for Thunderbird Kräver omstart

Type some text in your mail's body, hit the asciidoctor button and transform your mail into a pretty html5 asciidoctor document. Font awesome and code highlighting are enabled.

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41 användare
Lades till dec 23, 2017

Copiar Assunto Kräver omstart

Adiciona um botão para copiar o Assunto do email selecionado para a área de transferência

Add a button to copy the Subject line of the selected email to the clipboard

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Lades till nov 19, 2017

Theme Font & Size Changer for ThunderBird

Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font.

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Lades till nov 14, 2017

Jalali Date Format Kräver omstart

Convert Date/Received column to Jalali (Persian Date).

* Adds a column in the mail view for displaying Iranian dates for each email.
* Supports both English and Persian Iranian Date.

more info contact N3tD3vil@Yahoo.com

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Lades till okt 24, 2017

Classic Password Editor Kräver omstart

Adds the ability to create and edit entries in the password manager.

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Lades till okt 23, 2017

GmailOutOfOffice Kräver omstart

Out of Office for Gmail

This add-on allows you to set an out of office auto-responder in your gmail account. It adds a button in the toolbar customization list.

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Lades till okt 9, 2017

Remote Content By Folder

Decide whether to allow or block remote content in messages by comparing the names of the folders in which they are located to configured regular expressions.

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39 användare
Lades till sep 9, 2017

ansitel Click-to-Dial MT Kräver omstart

Dieses Plugin ermöglicht das Wählen von markierten Rufnummern im Mozilla Thunderbird mit ansitel VoIP-Telefonanlagen. Einfach Rufnummer markieren und per Rechtsklick mit der Maus loswählen.

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Lades till sep 8, 2017

Stop Ignoring Reply:To Kräver omstart

Default "Reply" functionality pays attention to "Reply-To" in original email

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Lades till aug 24, 2017

ToggleReplied Kräver omstart

Enables toggling of replied, forwarded, and redirected states of messages.

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Lades till aug 17, 2017

Rescue Conflicting Alternatives Kräver omstart

Converts a mail with conflicting alternative bodes to regular multipart mail.

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Lades till juli 11, 2017

attachment column in search result list Kräver omstart

Show the column for attachments in search results list. General search (edit-> search -> search emails) does not show by default if a message has attachments.
This addon adds this column, just as in a normal folder view.

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Lades till juni 14, 2017

Message Title Header

Show a title header above messages.

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Lades till juni 10, 2017