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I don't know, which data Auto Dial uses, because after clicking only a few links (which I visit very seldom) the Auto Dial places these Links too 'high' (they are in the first 10 Links - which is very unrealistic). As a suggestion (something which should be configurable): Ranking on the base of real usage of the Links (and a value, which reacts in a shorter time). So I could tell Auto Dial, that it places the Links which I really use often in the beginning of the list and the less I use them the more they move to the end of the list.
And... another point. Please introduce a variable to tell Auto Dial, how many links to collect. Another possibility: Add a variable, which only chooses links with a given percentage of clicks (or similar) and - as told above - sort them using this percentage.
In the moment I can see links at the bottom of FF's window, which are shown only partially. Removing links at the top makes them visible...
And ... sorting these links according to the frequency of usage is not that complicating, in short: Although I can't imagine, but if you want some ideas, write me a message.

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