Captain Caveman

Om mig

Namn Captain Caveman
Plats Doorn, The Netherlands
Yrke Software Architect
Användare sedan mars 5, 2007
Antal tillägg utvecklade 7 tillägg
Genomsnittliga betyg för utvecklarens tillägg Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor

Lite mer i detalj...

So, my real name is Martijn Kooij but I was labeled Captain Caveman about 15 years ago by one of my mates. I started developing Mozilla Add-ons in early 2005, fell in love with it instantly, and have since then produced 10 official extensions. For a living I work at a relatively small software company "Tangram", where I am a software architect.

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Mina recensioner


Left over prefs break all page layout Betygsatt 3 utav 5 stjärnor

After you uninstall the extension the following prefs remain changed:

1 or all of them is causing all websites to look messed up (like plexos also mentioned).

Resetting the prefs (to false) fixes the issues. Also javascript.options.strict stays set to true which might not be desirable.

Don't have time right now to figure out the why, that's up to you to figure out ;)

Denna recension är för en tidigare version av tillägget (0.9a).