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I have been an avid user and supporter of Firefox for over 12 years now and will always recommend it to family, friends and the PC community at large, it has far more option's for privacy and personalization than most other browsers and when ever i am building a PC it is always included on the re-installation DVDs
I include with the PC.

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Death Dreams Plugin

Say that Again? Betygsatt 3 utav 5 stjärnor

will there be an English Translation any time in the future?
I Would download this but apart from seeing that it links to Teamspeak 3 I understand nothing else :/
Please if possible Translate to English, I will be watching for any changes so if it can be done I will be gratefull ;o)


Xmarks Sync

Could'nt Live without it ! Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor

Since it's meager beginning's I have followed this plug-in because it was the only one that has ever fully worked for me personally,
it is truly one of the few add-ons for Firefox that make the browser a great tool for everyday use, not only from a personal computer but anywhere you go, their partnership with Last Pass password manager has not only made it greater but made my life so much easier, now no matter what happens to my computer or how many re-installs my Windows O.S. requires my internet will always be the same thanks to these two great tools.
Their recent security overhaul adds greater security to my account making me feel easier about using these type of tools and overall I would recommend these add-ons to everyone from beginner to engineers, the plug-in's simplicity in understanding and use are very easy to grasp and the Xmarks website has full guidance for everyone to follow.
all in all these plug-ins simply put make my re-installing nightmare a lot easier and faster to get back on the internet withing minutes.

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YouTube Button

Worth the Download Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor

As a Steam Gamer I am constantly uploading or Downloading You Tube vid's or friends vid's for editing.
As a daily user of You tube I have over 60 links just for you tube, I have a folder dedicated to these links and sometimes rather than hunting through them i just jump onto the page after using Google to search for You Tube - Not any more, now my Firefox has a nice new button which makes it easily convenient to get to a friends page, my page or just the main page, so yes it's worth the download.

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