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Menu Editor

Very useful, needs ability to save settings Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor

This is an extremely useful add-on, among my very favorites.

1] It could really use a function to SAVE or EXPORT/IMPORT settings for the following reason:

Anyone that has used Firefox for any length of time knows that add-ons frequently conflict. One recommended way to troubleshoot might end up requiring un-installing/re-installing extensions as part of a systematic procedure in an attempt to resolve.

Whenever another extension is un-installed/re-installed, any modification to that extension's menu entries, made by Menu Editor, is undone. Those entries are normally placed back at the bottom of the menu by default upon re-installing. This means that any customizing that had been done by Menu Editor has to be redone, which is especially inconvenient if the original entries had been moved to more than one main menu during customization.

What I learned to do was open up certain menus, take a screen shot prior to un-installing, and use that screenshot as a map to rebuild any customizations after a particular extension was re-installed. This is not very convenient.

2] I agree with a previous comment that the ability to customize sub-menus would make this an even better tool.

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