Kryptonita Quebra Link

O Kryptonita Quebra Link quebra seus links de forma rápida e fácil. Use-o para evitar qualquer tipo de cadastro na hora de fazer os seus downloads.

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Uppdaterad February 7, 2012

Descarga tus videos

Agrega un boton a tus paginas para descargar tus videos de paginas populares como Youtube,, Dailymotion, Goear, Vimeo, y mas de 20 paginas disponibles.

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Uppdaterad February 5, 2012

Universal Print

Printing was never easier! Print Preview, Print, Print All Tabs, Print Select Tabs. Use Context (Right Click) Menu, File Menu, or Toolbar Buttons, and more!

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Uppdaterad February 4, 2012

Переадресация на доступные информационные ресурсы

Система предназначена для переадресации с алиасов или с устаревших и более недействительных сетевых и локальных адресов информационных ресурсов на действующие, по которым ресурс доступен. Система может производить расширенный поиск ресурсов.

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Uppdaterad February 2, 2012

Zevera Linkifier

Changes all supported Hoster Links to "Zevera Links".

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Uppdaterad January 30, 2012


Pops video elements as resizable windows4.

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Uppdaterad January 30, 2012

DoubleClick Save downDialog's File


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Uppdaterad January 30, 2012


Allows copying multiple texts before pasting.

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Uppdaterad January 29, 2012

MediaPimp - Internet Radio, Save Videos, and more

☛ MediaPimp is your Swiss Army Knife for Online Media. Radio, Music, Videos and much more:

♬ Listen to Any Internet Radio Station, Playlist, or MP3 ♬
✓ Save Videos from any Tube Site
✓ Similar Sites
✓ Translate
✓ Screenshot or Screengrab Selection

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Uppdaterad January 26, 2012


Run Miro on any content in Internet.

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Uppdaterad January 19, 2012

Gif Block

Allows user to block gif images on a web page.

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Uppdaterad January 17, 2012 Tools Add-on Ingen omstart

the Firefox Extension!

Remove limitation and watch videos from streaming platforms. Backup/Regenerate your links.

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Uppdaterad January 15, 2012

Plugin de Mega-Debrid

Plugin de débridage Megaupload utilisant
Utilisation réservée au possesseurs d'un compte VIP (anciennement premium) sur le site

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Uppdaterad January 12, 2012

Wikibox Intranet Client

Access and edit files on your own intranet. Wikibox intranet server is needed.

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Uppdaterad January 10, 2012

Automatic Save Folder

This add-on will open the File Browser at the right location, using simple filters on the downloaded file.
The filters are based on filenames and hosted domain's name.

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Uppdaterad January 8, 2012

RapidShare Downloader

RapidShare Downloader is a add-on for Firefox which allows you to automatically download files from Rapidshare, Megaupload and other online services without user intervention.

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Uppdaterad January 5, 2012

Media Stealer mod

Using this Media Stealer mod you can download videos from youtube or any other website that uses flash videos.

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Uppdaterad January 2, 2012

Download Profiler

Download at diffferent locations :)
For each profile , user has to give one folder path. Then whichever profile is active, download will be done automatically in associated folder.
So , now u can directly redirect your downloads to favorite folder.

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Uppdaterad January 2, 2012


Convierte videos de Youtube en mp3

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Uppdaterad December 29, 2011

Download on arrow panel

EN: Showing the download manager on the panel type of arrow.
PL: Przycisk pokazujący managera pobierania na panelu typu arrow.

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Uppdaterad December 26, 2011