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ADD/ADHD in Firefox (Jacek's Favorites) av absjacek

THE Cure for ADHD - Food for Your Restless Mind Interpreted Vicariously in Firefox!
Collection of addons for Internet addicts and the uber-/omni-curious minds.

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Downloadsquad Pack av filmgirl

Soup up your browser with selections from the staff and some of our readers' favorite add-ons. They'll help make your browsing safer, more hassle free, and more productive!

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Firefox 4.0 Theme & Features av muckSponge

Get Firefox 4.0 Theme & Features in Firefox 3.5+

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Gmail Addons you must have! av The WiseStamp Team

Using Gmail?
Gmail's good, but it could be this collection we gather the Best Gmail extensions just for you.
☛ Subscribe to this collection and get all Addon updates.

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Web Application Security Penetration Testing av adammuntner

Web hacking tools for Firefox

Plugins are maintained by their authors. We maintain the list, but can not guarantee the trustworthiness of plugins.

Maintained by Gotham Digital Science

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Web Pro av webilu

Concevoir, développer, maintenir et rechercher dans les pages web d’une manière encore plus élégante et agile: • croquis • script • valider • debug • analyser • optimiser • surveiller • comparer ...

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Multimedia Pack av Lifehacker.Addons

Handles your pictures, music, videos, and other media better than the defaults.

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Heavy User Add-ons Pack v1.8 av intoxikator

A quality-focused pack of the best, most productive + efficient addons for heavy FF users, hand-selected.
I remove/re-add, lower/increase my ratings of addons as they change with each iteration

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Performance Pack av Lifehacker.Addons

Tools to strip out Flash, big images, advertisements, and other web drags.

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Icon-Only Perma-Tabs for Gmail and Google Reader av Gina Trapani

Keep your Gmail and Google Reader tabs open at all times, but shrink them down to show the favicon only and add your unread count on the icon.

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Firefox Ultimate 2012 av dagnym

Cross-browser toolkit allowing for enhanced web browsing equipped with productive, rapid, and convenient viewing with the possibility to download whatever you need to download at will.

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Firefox Ultimate av Anonymous-2663663

Ameliorer votre navigation en ligne.
Les 10 Must-Have Addon pour Firefox.

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Add-ons for Facebook av The Shareaholic Team

Makes using and managing Facebook easier and more fun.

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Lifehacker's Must-Have Extensions av gallegr1

An automatically generated list of my installed add-ons

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SpeedBrowsing av Ly Quoc Chinh

Extension for speed, beta tester and optimization.

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Browsing with pleasure av Allexxandra

I recommend these addons. They are really nice and some of them are great.

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Lifehacker Top 10 Must-Have Extensions for 2009 av James Joaquin

The 2009 Editor's Choice of top 10 Firefox extensions, from the website
Google Gears is not included as it's not on AMO. Available at

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Only for Firefox 4 av esorhjy

good add-ons only use in firefox 4

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Scavin 正在使用的 Firefox 扩展 av scavin

这里收集着在 Scavin 正在使用的各类扩展。

我们喜欢 Firefox,因为它开放,自由,无拘无束。

我们爱 Firefox,因为每个人心中都有一款不同的 Firefox。

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Firefox Backup Solution av Chuck_Baker

This collection contains everything you need to create and maintain Firefox backups.

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