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  • This was a great app with the old Yahoo mail program but it does not work at all with the new Yahoo mail program.
  • Works as described. Great workaround for dissatisfied Yahoo Plus customer of many years. Silly Yahoo hike the price and lose a (paying) customer completely !!!!
  • Thanks .Works great saved me having to pay yahoo for not viewing their ads.
  • Doesn't work. Enough said
  • Used to work great but the new Yahoo Mail has been out for several months and this extension hasn't been updated to handle it.
  • Not Working in Latest Yahoo Mail, Still shows adv in sidebar
  • I have used this add on to Firefox for several years now.

    Without it I would not use Yahoo Mail.

    Every day when I check my email I mentally thank Piyush for his software.

    I wish he had a Donate via paypal link like many other add ons to assist with his efforts.

    Doc G
  • Used to work well but dosn't work with the latest yahoo mail layout you need to fix and update this add on thank you.
  • It used to block the ad on top but it shows now but still blocks the ads to the right. It doesn't leave an open space to the side. Your mail fills in that spot. I use Windows 7 64 bit and Firefox 57.
  • NOT AT This Time TO NEW at IT
  • I'm still seeing that Samsung Galaxy add. This does not work. :(
  • Has worked perfectly for over two years always on Windows Home Pro 7 and newest version of firefox 64 bit.
  • At least, no longer the annoying adds!
  • Não está funcionando no meu PC! Uso Firefox 57 e Elementary OS 0.4.
  • I tried a number of things but pop up ad in yahoo were relentless and very annoying!

    The Firefox add on worked excellent so far!

    Thanks all:

    As stated it will not work with Firefox and its true, seemed to at first but the ads are back.. hopeful Firefox will be added in the near future.

  • Will not work for me. Running Firefox 53.0. on Windows 7.
  • Does what it says on the tin - no more of those irritating sponsored e-mails that float around Yahoo mail
  • well, that simple??? surely not. but, yes, it works.....why have i waited so long
  • useful addon when you still using yahoo mail
  • Made my Basic Yahoo Mail for Firefox free of Ads.

    If you switched to the New Beta Yahoo Mail, then you have to suffer all the ads, so downgrade until the developer has made it work for the New Beta Yahoo Mail. I donated to show the love because with this add-on solves a problem when it is working.

    I sometimes use the new Yahoo in Chrome and then use Webmail Ad Blocker, but that does not reclaim all the space from the ads. At least I am not drained by the ads while working.

    I am desperate for Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel to work on the New Yahoo Mail!
    Hurry Piyush!
  • This is an excellent add-on that performs exactly as promised. Its so good that I've actually forgotten what Yahoo Mail with advertisements looks like.
    In addition to doing what its supposed to do, it is one of those rare things wherein the progression from values to motive to impact is logical and successful. Great Job.
  • this must be a good add-on to stop ads on the right side panel of Yahoo!'s email client but it didn't work for me! it only works on the left side panel's ads but the top and right side panel ads are still there!

    i think the problem is mostly because i switched to the new Yahoo! email client interface recently and it can 'bypass' such add-ons because another webmail ad blocker add-on did work fine on the previous version of the Yahoo!'s email client anyway ...

    now, the point is, i like this new Yahoo! email interface and i'm not going to switch back really! the problem may as well be Firefox or Google Ads related because some websites do still manage to show off their ads ...
  • I have tried to load it and nothing happened.
  • Great for several years in concert with uBlock Origin, got everything including on 2017 beta. Yahoo beta is now permanent. I had to use uBlock on a top banner element, and a Yahoo video box shows over empty screens and has to be manually closed. Can't block it. I don't consider stupid videos a "bonus" in email, which is for email - full stop.
  • It used to work great but today the huge banner is blank leaving 25% less screen real estate. I will donate if you fix. I promise!