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  • Does what it says it will do. It would be nice if it could also stop the "popular videos" screen from automatically coming up since the latest Yahoo change. An earlier Yahoo e-mail ad blocker did that, but it doesn't work anymore since the latest Yahoo change.
  • Thank You So Much Dear "piyush Soni" , For This Brilliant addon
  • Was perfect until the new yahoo came out in 2019. Now the side panel keeps expanding to show each email's information and is really wide. Thanks yahoo for ruining my experience. Can't wait til Piyush can get this working for the new yahoo mail. I only have a 19" monitor because my computer desk hutch cannot handle a bigger screen.
  • AD's Not loading but Ads panel or space is still there.need a new update for this Add-on.
  • Does not work and no alternative help
  • I am running 64.0 32bit and while this gets rid of the ads it does not give me a full panel. It used to give me a full panel but no more. Not in either classic or the new yahoo mail. When it works properly again I will give it the five stars I once gave it.
  • This was a great app with the old Yahoo mail program but it does not work at all with the new Yahoo mail program.
  • Works as described. Great workaround for dissatisfied Yahoo Plus customer of many years. Silly Yahoo hike the price and lose a (paying) customer completely !!!!
  • Thanks .Works great saved me having to pay yahoo for not viewing their ads.
  • Doesn't work. Enough said
  • Used to work great but the new Yahoo Mail has been out for several months and this extension hasn't been updated to handle it.
  • Not Working in Latest Yahoo Mail, Still shows adv in sidebar
  • I have used this add on to Firefox for several years now.

    Without it I would not use Yahoo Mail.

    Every day when I check my email I mentally thank Piyush for his software.

    I wish he had a Donate via paypal link like many other add ons to assist with his efforts.

    Doc G
  • Used to work well but dosn't work with the latest yahoo mail layout you need to fix and update this add on thank you.
  • It used to block the ad on top but it shows now but still blocks the ads to the right. It doesn't leave an open space to the side. Your mail fills in that spot. I use Windows 7 64 bit and Firefox 57.
  • NOT AT This Time TO NEW at IT
  • I'm still seeing that Samsung Galaxy add. This does not work. :(
  • Has worked perfectly for over two years always on Windows Home Pro 7 and newest version of firefox 64 bit.
  • At least, no longer the annoying adds!