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  • Very Helpful
  • Very Helpful on new sites that you are not familiar with and wanting to know if they can be trusted or not. Not all sites are listed so take the "not rated" ones with some trepidation as it could simply be an uncommon site that is more than trust worthy or could be a new scam site (in which case if a person experiences this they should rate that site accordingly and include their reasons and experiences so others can make an informed decision) so due your own due diligence. But this is well worth a download.
  • он неработает у меня. оценки не ставит можно только на сайцте поставить но зачем тогда аддон нужен если можно на сайте потавить? и оценки там не верные.
  • There are ratings for most of websites; however not all I would like.
  • Отлично
  • One of those extensions I ALWAYS HAVE! Thanks!
  • Отличное дополнение, если бы установил раньше, не попался бы в лапы мошенников
  • Es gibt leider Internetseiten die aufgrund des Add ons falsch dargestellt werden - da hilft nur deaktivieren.
    Ich hab da ein paar Seiten die ich erst nach abschalten in korrekter Form auf den Bildschirm bekomme.
    Vers. 20171020.0
    ..... nicht im Sinne des Erfinders
  • Could be risky and a privacy risk. Read
  • I like that it alerts me for suspect websites so I dont go on them
  • Good extension. Really helps avoiding suspicious/malware websites.
  • The reviews and ratings of this website cannot be trusted since the service can be spammed and individual reviews are not vetted. What's more you're not protected against new websites that might be fraudulent.

    Please see an independent review of this extension here:

  • Display in Traditional Chinese Language.
  • Very good addon
  • It has been fun all the way so easy to underStand 9jatym.com
  • awesome
  • Mostly useful. But its very easy to game this add-on to make misleading reputation. For example an owner of a site filled with virus could easily make multiple accounts of WOT and gives positive reviews about his site. Truly dangerous.