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  • Very useful & satisfying web function, but when there is a significant difference between the public comments & the WoT calculated threat/trustworthiness, WoT should at least acknowledge the discrepancy, preferably explain it.
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  • best
  • Достойный сервис и справедливое сообщество. Единственное пожелание - в последнее время заметил, что при оценке сайта через дополнение к FireFox почему-то не сохраняется рейтинг, приходится заходить в учетную запись, и повторно ставить оценку.
  • One of the best add-ons i always use
  • Gutes Tool zur Orientierung des sicheren Surfens bei der Websuche.
  • Breaches privacy and allows unsafe sights to pay money to show up as reputable. It's been removed previously by Firefox for security threats and privacy disregard. THEY WILL SEE YOUR DATA TO ANYONE AND REMOTE EXECUTION CODES HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED FROM THIS EXTENSION. Hilarious how a service can offer privacy features, yet exploit your privacy instead. This should be illegal, but it's owned by Facebook so money blocks any penalty. 0/5, and anyone rating higher must not know of the terrible breaches of privacy this extension has caused.
  • it is a good way to identify the website....
  • Nice addon!
  • Wenn WOT mir bei der Suche im Internet oder beim Besuch von Internetseiten "über die Schulter schaut" und mit seinem dezenten Symbol - bei Bedarf auch ausführlicher - seine Einschätzung der Website mitteilt, gibt mir das immer ein deutlich erhöhtes Sicherheitsgefühl. Danke!
  • WOT has a flawed rating method.
    If your site is hosted as a sub-domain of a shared domain owned by your hosting service, the poor reputation is inherited from the parent domain.
    This means that WOT automatically and immediately gives your site a bad reputation just based on supposition, without even bothering to actually look at your website...
    So, WOT will consider your site "guilty by association" from day one!
    Is this a fair and trustworthy method? No.

    Following are WOT instructions on how you can get more/improve ratings for your website:
    "If you want to improve the reputation, we recommend asking your friends, business partners, blog followers, or customers to submit ratings for the site. You can either ask them to use the WOT add-on, or simply point them to your site's scorecard where they can rate the site after creating an account."
    How reliable and trustworthy is that?
    Anyone wealthy enough can bribe lots of people to summit ratings in order to get a good site reputation at WOT...
    Or anyone wealthy enough can bribe lots of people to summit bad ratings in order to get the competitor's website a bad reputation at WOT...

    But since you're using the sub-domain of a free web hosting, you're probably on a low budget, which means you can't afford to bribe lots of people, and so your site gets toasted by the gang at WOT.

    Giants like Facebook and the likes will become even more dominant, while smaller innovative and honest web sites will get a bad reputation from the start, regardless how clean and malware-free they might be.

    Virtually anybody can register at WOT, you don't even have to verify your email address or be proven as a site customer to review a website, even kids can end up rating websites...

    The rating service does not distinguish between 'distrust a website' and 'dislike a website', so a website can get a poor trustfulness rating just because its published opinion is not mainstream or doesn't fit the reviewers' political agenda.
    This makes WOT ratings highly subjective and extremely politically biased. This is a threat to freedom of speech, since they can get sites banned from Facebook.

    An investigation by German TV channel NDR has uncovered a serious breach of privacy by the Web Of Trust (WOT) service, which over 140 million Web surfers trust to help keep them safe online...
    See also the following Guardian article, titled: " 'Anonymous' browsing data can be easily exposed, researchers reveal", where WOT sold a database of 3 million users, which were then de-anonymised.
    Because of that Mozila has also blocked WOT add-ons older than 2017-01-20.
  • suele bloquear sitios inofensivos
  • Works OK, a little bit more green/red circles near each link :D
  • Though far from perfect, it nevertheless provides invaluable information and preemptive warnings towards the myriad of dangerous websites you may stumble upon.
  • I hope they don't sell the user-data anymore.
  • Good site
  • great app
  • best
  • Nach dem Skandal der im November 2016 bekannt wurde hat sich das Addon von der Bedienung sehr verschlechtert.
    Der Kern des Skandals, nämlich, dass Daten weiterverkauft werden ohne vernünftig anonymisiert zu werden ist weiterhin nicht ausgeräumt.
    Für Website Bewertungen bräuchte es nur die Domainnamen und nicht die vollständige URL, welche oft sensible Daten enthält. Diese bekommt WOT niemals vernünftig anonymisiert.

    Ich bin ein Nutzer aus den Anfängen von WOT und schwer enttäuscht vom Kurs, der gewählt wurde.
    Aus Datenschutzgründen kann ich von diesem Addon nur abraten.
  • Nice add-on
  • Is a very good extension