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Varför skapades SixOrNot?

My main motivation for creating this addon was to make a contribution to world IPv6 day, which happened on the 8th June 2011. I wanted to make IPv6 more visible to users since it is one of those technologies which you only notice when it isn't working. By increasing awareness of IPv6 and networking in general I hope that this addon will help to draw attention to the issues the Internet faces as it moves forward in its overall evolution.

I was also quite interested in learning about the addon development process having been a Firefox user for several years. With the move to Firefox 4 some of the addons I was using for a similar function to SixOrNot became unusable so I decided to put something together which would let me learn about Javascript and addon development.

Framtida planer för SixOrNot

A website and web-based features for the addon. I'm also looking into producing versions of SixOrNot for other web browsers. Any suggestions for features are welcome as are translators interested in providing localisations of SixOrNot into other languages.

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Namn Ashley Baldock
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