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I have been using this from the beta version and am absolutely happy with it.

I have one bug to report. I have disabled the instant preview completely & also the "drag & drop a link" option, but somehow, both features show up in an unpredictable way!

If I start typing "g testing fastest search", instant search kicks in by the time i start typing search. I dont know the reason though. Strangely, I the tag history is also lost some times & I cant go back to the original page the tab had prior to instant search page.

Secondly, if I drag with right click on a link, I am still seeing the same behavior though that feature is disabled!

Now I have a feature request: I want an option to copy the link URL on "right click drag" while used along with probably alt or shift or control button.

Update: I just realized, the second one is conflicting with my other addon FireGestures. As I use this addon for mouse gestures, is there a way to resolve the conflict? And I see both the trails getting overlapped as I see traces of blue color while dragging a link.

One more minor bug: Try this without Fastest Search addon: URL Bar displays some URL of any open web page. Start typing some other URL (ex: google), but then you want to cancel it & press escape. You will see that the URL of the earlier URL of the open website would come back, removing "google". Now, if you try this with Fastest Search, this is not happening & the typed word remains in the bar. Escape key is not recovering the earlier URL, but highlights the typed word.

Denna recension är för en tidigare version av tillägget (1.81.1-signed).  Denna användare har andra recensioner för detta tillägg.

1. "g testing fastest search" - you're right, it's a strange bug. I'll fix it. But I can't reproduce the history issue.
2. "drag & drop link" still working after disabled - I can't reproduce it. Did you see the color of the drag-n-drop trail? If it's link, it should be blue color. If it's image, it's red. I suspect you're dragging a link that has a background image (and have 'force find image' enabled). In that case, the red trail (save image) would still show up after drag-n-drop link is disabled. Please let me know if that was the case.
3. Feature request - that's a good idea. I'll add 'shift'+drag to copy URL.

Update: #1 & #3 are done in v1.83 (just released As I said, #2 is not reproduced. BTW, I copied the link above using the new 'Shift'+dnd method!

Update on your update:
1. Conflict with FireGestures. Is the conflict you're talking about the trail overlapping, or the #2 above? If it's #2 above, I still don't see why FireGestures could activate Fastest Search's dnd on link even if you disable it in Fastest Search Options. If it's about the trail color, I think it's more a request that you should post to FireGestures, to NOT blanketly draw a trail even if you're not using it on links. If FireGestures does support link dragging, then you could simply disable Fastest Search's dnd on links to avoid seeing the trail. I'm not sure I should off option to turn off trail in Fastest Search because the color and position of the trail tells you what and where you're dragging, both important info. And FS's trail disappears with time anyhow.
2. Escape does not get URL back. This might've been a recent bug, but v1.84 fixes it. I'm releasing it now.