Möt utvecklaren bakom Column Reader

Varför skapades Column Reader?

I read a lot online and was annoyed with the length of the lines, the black-on-white color schemes and the large amounts of advertisements on many web sites. I thought that I could improve on the web readers available for Firefox at the end of 2010. Column Reader comes with several different layouts, color filters, document miniature view and domain-specific settings.

Framtida planer för Column Reader

I'd like to add the following improvements:

> Text zoom independent of the underlying page/OS zoom.
> Automatic opening of reader when target element matches.
> Option to set absolute column width, independent of page width.
> Options for content selection using element location, id and/or class.
> Improved approach for pages with nested tables.
> Improved estimate of page background color.
> The ability to open multiple links on a page in one document.

Om utvecklaren

Namn Peter J. Sloetjes, MSc.
Plats Netherlands
Yrke Software Developer (independent)
Användare sedan November 13, 2011
Antal tillägg utvecklade 9 tillägg
Genomsnittliga betyg för utvecklarens tillägg Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor

Vem är Peter J. Sloetjes, MSc.?

Since 1995, I have been working on all kinds of private software projects, in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Matlab and JavaScript. In 2004, I graduated on subjects in computational mechanics and control systems. I have been a user of Firefox since 2005 and started developing extensions near the end of 2010. Writing robust and general software for Firefox and the web remains challenging. Even merely keeping extensions up to date tends to be a lot of work. Please support my work by reporting any issues you encounter and by making a yearly donation if you can afford it.