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  • Since Quantum, I was missing this option. Thank you
  • Great job,Save a lot of time,just like bookmarkHere,thanks
  • Thank you for providing this. I would have probably stopped using FireFox if it were not for this plugin.

    I really miss the ability that I had with the now incompatible 'Add Bookmark Here 2' plugin where I could create sub-folders on-the-fly and file my bookmarks into them in a single step. Is this possible?
    From its AMO page, "Ctrl-click 'Bookmark Tab Here' to edit (single) bookmark name and/or create new folder into which to insert bookmark(s). Or set Option to always display Editor." Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for, this is probably as close as it's possible to get. (I only ever used the most basic features of ABH2, so I'm not sure exactly how it worked there.)
  • Been using this add-on since its inception last year, very useful as I've been a heavy user of the old (and incompatible since 2017) ABH2 extension for 10 years.

    My only wish since I began using Bookmark Tab Here was to be able to add a page from the bookmark sidebar... which is now possible since FF 66! 🤘🏽
    The 1.0 version is pretty mature and incredibly useful, with an identifiable icon and the new sidebar bookmark feature. Awesome work, thank you!
  • thank you. THANK YOU. After losing another iteration of this functionality years ago I have been heart broken with firefox This brings it back and I love it so!!!
  • Works great, but I'd like to have "Bookmark Tab here" option inside the current Bookmark folder too. Is it possible?
    If you mean as an actual menuitem in the list of bookmarks, like it was in the legacy addon ABH2, no that is not possible with the current extension API. However, if you open the context menu of a bookmark item, BTH will appear in it's context menu, allowing you to insert the new bookmark just below the one whose context menu is open.
  • Thanks for this. I would love to see the bookmark dialogue pop-up when bookmarking though, in case I want to change the bookmark title and such. Thanks.
    It is not currently possible to open Firefox's bookmark dialog via an extension, but the ability to change the bookmark title has already been added in the latest development version of BTH (see http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=3038053 for details).
  • Finally - the ultimate replacement for the many fans of the old 'Add Bookmark Here' legendary add-on. Very nice and long overdue! And this developer updates and responds to reviews. Remember to right-click in the folder to use the tool- see the screenshot on the add-on home-page.
  • Why You block ESR line? 63 = 60.3 ESR

    ED: OK, thank You for explanation.
    Firefox ESR users should install BTH 0.4 from the all versions page: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/bookmark-tab-here/versions/0.4

    Neither the multiselect tabs nor the access key support are present in Firefox 60.x ESR. 60.3 does *not* include the new features from Fx 63, which BTH 0.5 targets.
  • This is the extension I've been waiting for, the much needed replacement for Add Bookmark Here. Thanks!
  • Thank you, dear FirefoxLady!
  • The name of new bookmark is often a problem. Home is still a popular name. Other new bookmarks have a cryptic name or an acronym as name. DOST for Department of Science and Technology

    It is always necessary to control the new bookmark.

    Is it possible to see the new bookmark to change the name before or direct after the insertation?
    I plan to add the ability to change the name (title) when bookmarking single tabs (as opposed to multi-selected or all tabs) in a future version of BTH.
  • So far I haven't got an account on this site, but I wanted to give this add-on 5 stars, hence I created one. I can confirm that the newer Firefox versions are better, than the old ones, faster, more reliable, but I was missing the "Add bookmark here" add-on so much, I switched back to an older version of ESR. Unfortunately I had performance issues, I had to switch back to the newer version. I was looking for an extension that allows me to create bookmarks easier. Yes, dear Firefox Mozilla, your bookmarking is ridiculous! Thanks custom.firefox.lady for "Bookmark Tab Here", it saves a lot of time and frustration.
  • :)
  • Coś tam działa. Niestety - jak dla mnie - nie daje możliwości zmiany nazwy zakładki, tylko przypisują ją automatycznie.
    There is now a beta available at
    http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=3038053 that allows you to edit the bookmark name.