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  • Love this add-on but the latest update just killed it. auto-uodated this morning on FF 72.02 and although trails still visible, no functionality.. Gonna try and reinstall to see if that solves it. EDIT- WHEW, reinstallation solved the problem!
  • Все хорошо, но нет возможности добавлять жесты на среднюю кнопку мыши в сочетании с правой/левой (как в Foxy Gestures) из-за этого не могу с него перейти, еще неплохо было бы прикрутить жесты просто к одной кнопке по двойному щелчку.
  • 嘻嘻
  • Cette extension souffrait de limitations importantes sous Linux. Ce n'est plus le cas. Et c'est désormais la meilleure que j'ai pu utiliser. J'apprécie en particulier sa sauvegarde/restauration qui fait gagner un temps fou lorsque l'extension est utilisée sur plusieurs machines.
  • nice addon!
    Thanks! :)
  • Not working as expected on my MacOS High Sierra. Line width not adjustable. Wheel commands don't work either.
    Thanks for your kind review. As stated in the add-on description Wheel Gestures do not work on MacOS High Sierra due to a Firefox bug.
    For your other problem please open an issue here (https://github.com/Robbendebiene/Gesturefy/issues). Perhaps you just've toggled the "Enable gesture growth" option so changes won't be immediately visible when you draw a gesture.
  • Simply does not work under debian, reading the feature list this extension is severely limited compared to previous mouse gestures extensions.
    You have a choice of over 60 commands. Some "old" commands from previous add-ons do not work due to API restrictions.

    And please open an issue about your Debian problem here: https://github.com/Robbendebiene/Gesturefy/issues
  • It's just great addon, thank you Robbendebiene!
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback :)
  • awesome gesture addon. thx