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Razširitev za izdelavo zapiskov z naprednimi možnostmi.

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Vietnamese-language input method editor (IME). Type diacritics directly into any Web page, Web app, or dialog box. Convenient, comprehensive, secure.
Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho phép đặt dấu trực tiếp vào bất kỳ trang Web, ứng dụng Web, hộp thoại.

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Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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Select Inbox

Automatically select the Inbox folder at startup, even if there is no account set to automatically check for new emails.

Important: the author will provide no other update for this add-on.

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Restart application

Restart the application with one click (or Ctrl Shift Z)

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Clip to OneNote

Clip to OneNote is a free add-on which helps you to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

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Growl/GNTP for Thunderbird

Sends GNTP (Growl) notifications when new messages or feed items arrive.

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Text Link

Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.

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FoxClocks Ponoven zagon ni potreben

FoxClocks shows times around the world - or just your local time - at the bottom of your browser. It deals with daylight saving time so you don't have to.

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MailHops maps the route an email took to get to you. Displaying the senders location, weather, user-agent and authentication used.

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Sun Cult

Worldwide Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight, Moonrise and Moonset...

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メールをいっぱい送るときに、条件にCCとかToとかreturn pathとかいろいろ


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1) adds column with percent likelihood that a message is spam, 2) extends junk status column to show why a message was classified as junk/good, 3) adds an Uncertain folder for messages needing user decision.

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KeePass Helper

Adds a hostname, URL, or email account ID to the application's window name (e.g., that of Firefox or Thunderbird) to make it recognizable to password manager utilities like KeePass.

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Priority Switcher

Change priority of the received messages from the toolbar button and the context menus...

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Console² (pronounced Console Squared or Console Two) replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console. From v0.5 includes the Console Filter extension previously available separately from the Console² website.

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Search IP

This plugin adds three links to Firefox's context menu that lookup the selected IP address at Project Honey Pot, Utrace, spamhaus, senderbase,...

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Any Confirmation Message before Send

You can set Any Confirmation Message before Send.

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FoxyProxy Basic

FoxyProxy Basic is a simple on/off proxy switcher. More advanced features and configuration options are offered by FoxyProxy Standard.

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GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird Ponoven zagon ni potreben

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

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