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Show Password On Input Zahteva ponovni zagon

Gives an option to show the master password on input

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Disable Folder Drag Button Zahteva ponovni zagon

Add Disable-Folder-Drag button.

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RtoRe Zahteva ponovni zagon

Erase the R: when reply

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DictsInfo Zahteva ponovni zagon

Search the highlighted text at Dicts.info.

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JSW:O Alert Zahteva ponovni zagon

Receive alerts for "Jet Set Willy: Online" hosted games

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KOLOBOK Smiles for Firefox Zahteva ponovni zagon

Firefox extension for KOLOBOK-Style smiles (http://www.kolobok.us/)
(based on Smiley Extra version 4 by James Baker)
Toolbar to use kolobok smiles in forums and blogs.

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Auto Resize JPEG Zahteva ponovni zagon

Resizer for inline and attachment images (only JPEG format).
For Windows only.

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Attachment Reminder Zahteva ponovni zagon

Prompts you if it looks like you wanted to attach a file but didn't.

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xSearchbarT2 Zahteva ponovni zagon

Somewhere between Thunderbird 1.5 and Thunderbird 2 the message search bar disappeared. This extension restores the search bar. Thunderbird 2 and newer only.

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Boomerang Zahteva ponovni zagon

Boomerang E-Mail ist ein Plugin für den Thunderbird E-Mail-Client und basiert auf dem Boomerang e-Mail Algorithmus (patent pending).

Es stellt Funktionalitäten bereit, um eine beliebige e-Mail (inklusive Anhänge) der Reihe nach zu mehreren Empfänger...

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Multi-LDAP Zahteva ponovni zagon

Permits to use several LDAP directories simultaneously for address autocompletion.

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Locale2MUI Zahteva ponovni zagon

Sets Firefox/Thunderbird Locale to Windows (MUI) Language on startup

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Kyrgyz Key Zahteva ponovni zagon

Allows to type Kyrgyz alphabets like Ө,Ң and Ү in any text fields of Firefox Browser, Web Pages and Thunderbird. Converts Latin words into Cyrillic words instantly. Makes EnglishRussian translations.

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Simple Search-For Extension Zahteva ponovni zagon

Adds a "Search for" item to Thunderbird's context menu, like in Firefox.

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bosskey Zahteva ponovni zagon

Add Boss Key, Minimize/Close to tray and memory auto cleaning to Firefox.

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ThreadBubble Zahteva ponovni zagon

Make Thunderbird resort threads by date when a new message arrives. *** This add-on is no longer required for new versions of Thunderbird! ***

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Copy Link Name for Thunderbird Zahteva ponovni zagon

It's like Copy Link Name for Firefox but for Thunderbird!

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DragToCompose Zahteva ponovni zagon

Enables dragging a file to Thunderbird for composing a new message without opening composer window first.

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ltnPlus Zahteva ponovni zagon

Version 0.9:
Support printing of tasks for Lightning 0.8/0.9.

Up to version 0.2:
Enhancements to Lightning that are known from Sunbird: Unifinder (for events and todos) and moving MiniMonth to Tabpanel

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TB Properties Zahteva ponovni zagon

Wanna know more about a link or image you see in Thunderbird? Do you really really really wish there was a properties box with the info about objects? Well..

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