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Springs Summer Special

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Mountains in Moonlight

- evath

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Fireflower in the Night

- evath

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Fragrance of Spring Sunshine

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Fine Froggy Spring Day

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There was once a time when I was a regular human being. Browsing the interwebs, staring with boredom at my empty theme. I had yet to find the perfect one. My computer was ridden with viruses and I had lost hope for my machine's future. Then one fateful day I stumbled upon this beauty of a theme. I installed it, and suddenly everything was better again! My job called me to tell me I had been promoted- to company president. The viruses deleted themselves in fear of the three wolf moon theme. Supermodels call me up hourly and I can't keep up with all the chicks all over me. My bank account is tripling by the day with 3.5 billion dollars as of currently. Thank you, three wolf moon.

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I am an alpha female wolf! Therefore, I am the leader of my pack! I love anything to do with wolves! Including this theme! It's beautiful!

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