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  • The icon added on Android is not the one pictured. Instead, an icon that looks like a printed page is installed and when you click it another copy of the current page, but formatted in a different style with different fonts (and in different sizes) from the original, is loaded. Clicking the BACK button gets back the original version of the page.
    In future **please** post such things to GitHub... :(
    The icon, you've found is not installed by my Addon at all. It is the icon to enter "reader mode" and this is created by Firefox itself!
    You find "Undo Close Tab" in the browser menu! It is not available in the address bar!
    I've added a new screenshot to the Addon page to show where to find it on Android.
  • Great idea! I hate when I miss the undo button that fades away and I have to go back into my closed tab history to find it on mobile
  • Brilliant
  • It works wonderfully 99% of the time :) however in direct clicks on the icon (hence supposedly opening the one most recently closed tab) occasionally it would end up opening the most recently closed pop-up window (not sure if that's their proper name, i.e. the sort of window without any bookmark or tab bar -- which is usually closed a long time ago). Not a big deal but would be perfect if it gets fixed.
    This is discussed in: https://github.com/M-Reimer/undoclosetab/issues/19
    The bug is inside Firefox and as I haven't managed to reproduce this, so far, I wasn't able to find a possible workaround. So if you at some time find some way to reproduce the issue, please post in the above GitHub issue.
    Actually developing for Firefox is often all about finding proper workarounds for all the issues Mozilla has in their APIs which are usually not fixed with priority... :(
  • The loss of TabMix Plus doesn't hurt so much anymore if you have this (and some other addons). Works as expected.
  • Великолепное расширение. Must have.
  • Cool add-on!

    But I have a request.

    The toolbar button of this add-on is black. So if I enable the Dark theme of Firefox it is disappear. Please make the toolbar button to react the Firefox theme like many other add-ons.

    Thank you!
    The toolbar icon reacts to the theme.
    Maybe a problem with the theme you are using or the Firefox version you are using.
    Would be best if you open an Issue on GitHub and also include a screenshot and some information about your system.
  • Очень удобно, спасибо!
  • Sometimes it stops working - does not see the closed pages. Does not work until history is cleared