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  • Worked very well up until the death update, hope it gets updated again soon.
  • quick and easy exit. miss it, hope for webextension!?
  • Author, it would mean a world to us if you updated it to work with FF 57. There is nothing like this addon anywhere else
  • Muito funcional, prático e leve. Obrigado por disponibilizar uma extensão tão fantástica.
  • I use this add-on all the time, and there is nothing which does the same thing available! Please make a version for FF57!
  • Sad that I can't use it from FF55.0.4 onwards. What should I do, then? Help me, somebody, thanks! Imagine it with Firefox 57!
  • Although is't a live saver extension and I'm using it since ages, only 4 stars since no support for FF57. When does the creator plan to update the extension?
  • with version 52.3.0 64bit ESR does not work.
    After restarting the FF itself "disconnects" during operation without any notifications.

    the application itself is very like, so I hope that the problem will be fixed.
    с версией 52.3.0 64bit ESR не работает.
    после рестарта FF самостоятельно "отключается" в процессе работы без каких либо уведомлений.

    само приложение очень нравится, так что надеюсь, что проблема будет исправлена.
  • 動作していません。早急に対策等願います。
  • I know there are e10s-compatible session savers, but none of them restore the tabs "lazily" (loading them on first view). I don't want to watch my computer burn as it tries to load hundreds of tabs..
  • Useful, well working plugin. (does what it says)

    Unfortunately it blocks the new e10s (Multiprocess Windows) feature of Firefox.
  • I used this literally all the time, so simple and does exactly what I need, save my tabs and close and opens them back when I start FF again. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE AN UPDATED VERSION OF NEW FF!
  • 5 Stars
  • I have used this for many months now and it's very useful for me but now it keeps saying it crashed and asks to restore which ever session I want. Please fix
  • great addon, it does what I want, save session with one click.
  • Exactly what I wanted, to exit with a current group of tabs opened and be able to restore them back after closing. Adding the button to the toolbar (as shown in the first screenshot) makes the extension very handy.
  • I wanted an addon that saved automatically once a day. NOT requiring me to find a hidden feature to save the session myself. I lost all my history due to a maintenance program and this didn't do what I thought.
  • It works like its name. My must have addon.
  • Save Session is pretty lame compared to better Add-Ons like Session Manager that name, save and retrieve multiple sessions, windows or even selected tabs within a saved session...even auto saves every x minutes.

    This does none of that. It only saves one nameless session and only if you remember to do it before exit...not if you merely click the closing X.

    It is lightweight (in every sense), but I prefer the many additional feature of Session Manager, not this.
  • I have OCD and often can't tear myself away from thousands of open tabs. But i don't want to save all the pages or bookmark them, i just want to know i can start where i left off so i can kid myself i've finished. Works perfectly. Seems to be very lightweight.
  • Do what I want, awesome!
  • Not Working on ff 27
  • This functionality is exactly what I needed when doing research or having multiple tabs open and needing to go off and do something else that requires immediate attention.

    The downside of this plugin is that it's only usable when the "menu bar" is showing and I prefer mine in the tidy little tab .

    If using this plugin by adding it to the compact right corner tab as a fix / feature, It would truly be a 5 star plugin .
  • Works in firefox 25, which I need, now that session restore is gone. I was using firefox 3.6, which had session restore, but it kept crashing on my windows 8.1 x64 machine, but not on my old machine with windows 7 x64; so I went to the latest firefox, version 25.
  • this addon didn't work in my case (FF v3.6.13, plus in browser's Settings "erase history after I exit FF" is checked)