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  • The latest version does not show context menu on Firefox ESR version 52.
    Should work now with v3.0.3+, but if you are happy with the old 2.x version there is no reason to upgrade.
  • Is there any options to have only Google search button on right click? (FF57)
    On previous version was available.
    Now it is: right click on image -> Image Search Options -> Google
    How to change on: right click on image -> Google ?
    P.S Very thanks for fix "New Background Tab" - now the search lands at the end of all tabs.
    Currently not possible due to limit of one menu item per extension. I'll look into allowing only one to be shown, which should have the desired effect.
  • Already using the 3.0.0 version but it seems there is no default profile built in.
    There was a bug in the initial 3.0.0 release which prevented it from loading properly when upgrading from an old 2.x version. Try installing the newest version, or going to the options page and hitting 'fix defaults'. Sorry for the trouble~
  • Greate add-on for finding anime/mange related art work. Please update to WE to compatible with FF57.
  • Love using this add-on in Chrome and I used to in Firefox. Looking forward to you making this compatible with the newest version of FF, though.
  • Great extension. Please update it for ff57.
  • I Really love this add-on but need to be updated for the new ver. of Firefox
  • Please, update for new version of Firefox
  • please update it!! this is essential
  • links were not updated and the ones that did open, were porno sites
  • This is one of the very few add-ons I consider absolutely essential. For all that's holy, please update it; surfing the web without it just isn't the same!
  • Will this be converted to WebExtension for Firefox 57 in November? Well, it better or else it will no longer work!!!
  • It needs and update for my version.
  • good
  • It works perfectly. I use it everyday for my work. Thank you !
  • Many useful sites are missing and the e(x)hentai search is broken. fix it pl0x
    Aside from that it's great. Highly recommended.
    Here's my config file if someone else wants to use it:

    SauceNAO Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/SauceNAO.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;1;;;https://saucenao.com/search.php;;;db=999|url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://saucenao.com/search.php;;;db=999|file=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    IQDB Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/IQDB.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;2;;;https://iqdb.org;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://iqdb.org/;;;file=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    3D IQDB Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/IQDB.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;https://3d.iqdb.org;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://3d.iqdb.org/;;;file=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    Ascii2D Search|0|1|http://www.ascii2d.net/assets/favicon-461e7af86f6c1a73f716cf8c729e65d6164851b66470932d01ef928ebbaed6ba.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;5;;;http://www.ascii2d.net/imagesearch/search/;;;uri=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;1;;;http://www.ascii2d.net/imagesearch/search/;;;upload[file]=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    TinEye Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/TinEye.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;3;;;http://www.tineye.com/search/;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;http://www.tineye.com/search/;;;image=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    Yandex Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/Yandex.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;7;;;https://yandex.com/images/search;;;url=::$URL::|rpt=imageview;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://yandex.com/images/search;;;url=::$URL::|rpt=imageview;;;?|&;;;0
    WhatAnime Search|0|1|https://whatanime.ga/favicon128.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;3;;;https://whatanime.ga/;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://whatanime.ga/;;;url=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    Google Search|0|1|https://www.google.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;https://www.google.com/searchbyimage;;;image_url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://www.google.com/searchbyimage/upload;;;encoded_image=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1
    Baidu Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/Baidu.png;;;0|1|0|1;;;8;;;https://image.baidu.com/n/pc_search;;;queryImageUrl=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://image.baidu.com/n/pc_search;;;queryImageUrl=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;1
    so.com Search|0|1|http://st.so.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;http://st.so.com/stu;;;?imgurl=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;http://st.so.com/stu;;;?imgurl=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0
    Sogou Search|0|1|https://pic.sogou.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;https://pic.sogou.com/ris;;;flag=1|drag=0|query=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;https://pic.sogou.com/ris;;;flag=1|drag=0|query=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0
    RArchives Search|0|1|http://i.rarchives.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;http://i.rarchives.com/;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;http://i.rarchives.com/;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0
    Karma Decay Search|0|1|http://karmadecay.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;http://karmadecay.com;;;image=::$IMGDATA::|nsfwfilter=off;;;?|&;;;1;;;http://karmadecay.com;;;image=::$IMGDATA::|nsfwfilter=off;;;?|&;;;1
    Regex Search|0|1|chrome://ImageSearchOptions/content/images/Regex.png;;;0|1|0|0;;;9;;;http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi;;;url=::$LURL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi;;;url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0
  • Добавляет в контекстное меню изображений настраиваемый список вариантов поиска. Изначально доступен следующий набор поисковых систем: TinEye, Regex, E-Hentai, SauceNAO, IQDB, GazoPa, Ascii2D, Cydral, Yandex, Baidu. Но можно его дополнить. Я добавил Google, Karma Decay и Bing. Если хочешь один из этих поисковиков или все три в свой список, просто импортируй в настройках дополнения мой конфиг - https://mega.nz/#!EtpFnC6C!B1q4niS5Wm1k4TKacCA31xzBAJnvUdIJUfckf9T0oec Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/LUW4kYZ.jpg
  • Just a reminder: The latest report about the compatibility with the e10s from the Add-on Compatibility Reporter said that this extension has failed the test. There might be some more changes to support of e10s needed in the future.
  • Configurable, flexible and works like a charm.
  • I've been mainly using it for google search but it no longer works - it just redirects to the regular regional google search page :/
  • Do you have any plans to update this extension to the new firefox extension system?
  • How do you make it so when you click 'Google Search' for example, that you don't automatically switch to the newly created tab? I don't think I saw an option for it. Anytime I middle click links, I don't get switched automatically.

    Is this possible to do? Thank you.

    //edit// I don't know how I didn't see 'Background Tab.' It's perfect! Thanks!
    At the top of the first page of the extension's options menu there is a drop down to select how the result page opens. That should allow you to have them open in the background.

    I will be adding additional options to control the placement/order of the newly opened tabs in a future version, but the existing options seem to be enough for your needs.
  • I know Google's reverse image search supports uploading an image, but I have yet to find an addon/extension that leverages this feature, 'Image Search Options' included. Otherwise perfectly fine.
  • It is a shame that neither Google nor ImgOps are amongst the default reverse image search engines.
    If you simply export your settings to a txt file, you can add the following for Google & ImgOps.:

    Google Search|0|1|http://www.google.com/favicon.ico;;;0|1|0|1;;;0;;;http://www.google.com/searchbyimage;;;image_url=::$URL::;;;?|&;;;0;;;http://www.google.com/searchbyimage/upload;;;encoded_image=::$IMGDATA::;;;?|&;;;1

    Afterwards, simply import that same file.
  • For the anime aficionado and in general for anyone interested in sourcing pictures, photographs, you name it, or finding higher resolution versions of a picture this add-on is god-sent.