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  • None of the mozilla extensions and addons from "https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/language-tools/" doesnt a job of being in 2019. Their database are 20 years old where they dont know the word GULLAK which they say is GULLAH. SERIOUSLY. None of the HINDI lang or dict works like they are productive friendly for someone working in 21st century where words update daily and social media has changed the words we never thought existed. It doesnt know the word BEIZATTI until it is corrected to BEATRIZ. Most importantly it doesnt detect words from other language that have taken place in HINDI dic like it detects "Laddu or laddoo" as "lad do". LEARN FROM CHROME WHERE IT HAS OPTION TO LEARN FROM GOOGLE FOR SUGGESTIONS. WHERE'S YOURS? ALSO ADD OPTION FOR HINGLISH. PLEASE.
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