broke when I updated Firefox to v20.2 Ocena 2 od 5 zvezdic

Looks like it broke when I updated Firefox to v20.2 (Palemoon actually). Stays that way so far. Haven't managed to revive it, tried uninstalling recent addons etc.

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handy tool but lots of issues Ocena 3 od 5 zvezdic

1. Select-to-translate makes copying text impossible. I may close the translation popup but it pops up again if I right-click to copy text, disabling "copy" in the context menu.

2. Translating whole page is locked to the main language selected in options. There is a dropdown menu to select language, but it has only one language. I usually need translate to English with whole pages because Google doesn't translate longer phrases well to my native language. It would be nice to have a REAL dropdown menu there.

Also, the full-page translation button should indicate which plugin does the translation. Since it fails on many occasions I use other Google Translate plugins and it took time figuring out why there's a limited-function Google translate button in my toolbar and why it is locked to one language/which addon it belongs to. I thought it had something to do with my Google site settings.

3. Often fails to get a translation even though Google has it and other addons CAN translate the section. Particularly happens if I choose non-English (Estonian here) as main language and check the "search English too" checkbox. The popup just stays empty.

4. Breaks on some longer passages and translates only the beginning. First sentence or the first line, not sure yet.

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