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Različica 0.7.3 68.0 KiB Deluje z Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*

Commenting out debug commands that seem to cause some users issues.

Različica 0.7.2 68.0 KiB Deluje z Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*

- support for Firefox 2.0.0.*
- Added Collin Jackson's history blocker code: It's a wrapper around the browser's history that bypasses the real history when the masked. When active, it prevents both reading and writing into the history, so visited links render as unvisited, and new pages don't show up in the history. Because it protects history within a single browser session, and disables visited link coloring, this protection is more powerful than the preferences-based approach currently used FoxTor. In particular, it ensures that websites you visit while masked cannot use CSS and/or JavaScript to figure out what you were doing while unmasked, and vice versa.

Različica 0.7 65.0 KiB Deluje z Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.*

- Geographic information now comes from vidalia-project.net. Thanks Matt! This is a big deal, because it makes changing to masked state much quicker, and (I think) more authoritative.

- Foxtor, now with 2 Cookie Jars!: When becoming unmasked, cookies are set per normal. When masked, unmasked cookie jar is saved and new cookie jar is created. When becoming unmasked, masked cookie jar is destroyed and unmasked cookie jar is restored! Thanks to Collin Jackson for this code.

- Added the ability to reset masked and unmasked settings to their original value (just in case people muck up the settings and don't know what to fix).

- "More Information" page now automatically displays masked and unmasked geoIP information. No more "Get Details" button.

- Simplified status bar and popup menu, that tries to be informative when an error occurs. e.g. "Can't connet. Is Privoxy running?"