55 ocen
  • A very good blocker, but had to unblocked non-harmful sites.
  • This Filter Is the Ubuntu Solution. I have Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu to work with, and a good filter is much needed. I have safe eyes for my other computers, but my ubuntu was left unprotected. Well this really is worth the money and its so simple. Use it, its not worth the risk to not have it.
  • This is a great filter and protects my family from accessing bad sites (accidentally or on purpose). It's well worth the support fee and my kids protection is worth the $10. Not sure why others think it should be free? Would be nice, but I'm sure the authors have put in a lot of time to create this great tool. Plus, it's free if you don't need to secure it with a password.
  • Muy bueno, muchas gracias por este maravilloso aporte
  • so far so good