Doesn't work Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

Installed, enabled, Firefox restarted. Does not block videos.

Doesn't work Ocena 2 od 5 zvezdic

I think this is an abandoned add-on because it hasn't been updated for a long time.

At least, it was the best when it worked.

does not work Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

this does not work. it blocks the video of html but the html audio still plays, yet no flash. can someone tell me of an app that actually works for this purpose?

It does block, but it doesn't unblock when you want Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

Worked well in the past but, as others have said, the possibility to unblock a certain video when Flashblock is enabled doesn't work anymore (at least under Windows 10). Too bad the author doesn't seem to care enough to fix it.

Windows update caused changes Flashblock working Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

I could not make Flash work anymore. It appears Windows 10 Pro has an update that stops flashblock being able to tun off when I approve viewing the Flash item.

I have used Flashblock for years, but no longer it is now broken.

Excellent Ocena 5 od 5 zvezdic

Ce module fonctionne parfaitement.

Inconsistent in blocking / playing flash content even when whitelisted Ocena 2 od 5 zvezdic

Have been using this add-on for quite sometime, but noticed that even after I white-list some websites to play flash content, it still shows the 'play' button which can't be clicked to play flash. Have to disable this add-on to play flash content even on whitelisted sites, which needs to be fixed.

It blocks. That's it. Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

It does block flash animation and videos. But there is no option to play them. In Youtube, for example, the "play button" when pressed will only play sound, no video.

Why do you still exesist Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

This add on is getting worse or the flash ads are getting way better? I stopped using this ad on a few years ago due to it's constant failure and now it does not even do what it is allegedy supposed to do. In addition most pages ie youtube don't even load video correctly after installing it even after whitelisting the web page! I would give you negative stars but alas I can't but I wish I could

Will this update to support multiprocess? Ocena 4 od 5 zvezdic

Very useful and still replaceable, but will this update to support multiprocess?

good ! Ocena 5 od 5 zvezdic

very helpful !

Parfait Ocena 5 od 5 zvezdic

fatigué d'avoir des pages web afficher automatiquement du contenu flash? cette extension vous donnera satisfaction et évite d'utiliser inutilement des ressources du pc

It does block, but doesn't play Ocena 2 od 5 zvezdic

I'll give it two stars because it does appear to block the flash and that's what it's supposed to do. However, there is no "button" option to play the flash videos on demand. Nothing plays any longer. I don't want to whitelist an entire site because I didn't 't want all of the videos to play, only the select ones I want. So it defeats the purpose.

I'm doesn't find issue tracker Ocena 4 od 5 zvezdic

In page I saw «No such list flashblock», so I write my bugreport to address — . Please, to see it, when you will have a free time.

Thanks for Flashblock!

Doesn't work and haven't updated for a long time Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

This was once one of my favorite extensions. But it doesn't work anymore. This extension doesn't get any updates anymore. Don't install it.

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search for flashstopper by yochaim.. Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

sorry to see Flashblock go, served me well for years but time to move on..I'd switch back out of LOYALTY if this was ever updated but time to move on..Flashstopper by yochaim now does what, sadly, this add-on used to...thanks for a good long run though Phillip!

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Needs updating Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

No longer works on Youtube. Even though it prevents the video from showing, it's still running - and gobbling up data.

Does not block sound Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

Does not block sound. No switch on/off

Makes it much worse Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

Only the video features are blocked not the audio. So when I tried to turn the audio off - I couldn't!! Worse than non-functional.

Since last release, doesn't work as intgended Ocena 1 od 5 zvezdic

No way to toggle on/off; if there is something (YOUTUBE, for example) that you want to see, you need OPTIONS, ADD-ONs, Disable FLASHBLOCK, Reload FIREFOX. Then after viewing, OPTIONS, ADD-ON, Enable FLASHBLOCK, Reload FIREFOX. Sure would be nice if they'd roll back to the version that actually worked as intended....USED to be a nice product.