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  • 很好用,用过最好的一个,感谢!新年快乐
  • 使用了非常多的词库,其中有很多都是我非常喜欢用的。很棒的插件,感谢作者。
  • 很好用,拥有多个词典。很棒的插件,有时候查询会有点慢,不过不影响使用。嘻嘻
  • Almost perfect for me. No matter license, Icon&UI, features and customizability.

    The only thing I mind is that it requires so many blanket permissions by default, which seems not be good practice. It's better to request permission separately when user does want to enable some feature that needs corresponded one (see the extension 'SiteDelta Highlight' s settings page for example).

    (That popup little button is mooooooooeeee!!!

    Maybe it's better if could be set to click to show up panel? As now it's hover-by showed up, but seems no option to change.
    On-demand permission is surely better. It's just too much trouble for me to implement it. Not worth the time. Anyway, it's open sourced and there are reviewers in Firefox team who would actually build the source code and verify the product.
  • 黑白名单似乎有保存问题,而且感觉导入导出的文件里也不存储黑白名单
  • 小巧又精致的软件!做的真好。
  • 十分好用, 感谢作者的付出!
  • 蛮好的,占用小,感谢作者。要是网页翻译能不跳转而是当前页显示就好了,google网页翻译连不上,翻译划词却可以用。
  • 挺好用的
  • 挺好用的
  • 很好用
  • 最好用的翻译插件没有之一!