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  • 使用过最好的翻译插件,没有之一,希望作者再接再厉!感谢!
  • 目前用过的插件里最好用的一个!
  • Nice!
  • 迄今为止用过的最棒的翻译插件,祝开发小组节日快乐。
  • 请问能给thunderbird也增加沙拉查词功能吗?
  • 非常好用,特别是pdf文件里取词,简直完美。我觉得,要是能够出一个类似的手机app更好。
  • It is the best of its kind, it can even read PDF!
    I can not use the 'switch language' at google translate permanent. For example if I want translate an english text to hungarian. No way to change it permanently. You have to always click on the 'switch language' button/text, then search for the 'target language'. I know this is focused on Japanese/Chinese language, but it is not a big change and a lot of new users can come to use this awesome app. Hope it will be upgraded.
    (thx for the respond. It is a small change, indeed. Basically google translate uses the URL to change language. I think you could gain a lot of new users if you just put other languages like this.) Keep going, it a good app.
    It's a big change actually.... The code of google page translate is from its website which I don't have time nor energy to take a closer look. I don't personally use this feature and it was added solely because too many people asked for it. If page translation is what you want I'm sure there are better and more focused extensions out there.
  • 2小时前自动更新后就用不了了 连设置页面的进不去 重启电脑也没用 发现是和旧版火狐不兼容了。。。