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  • I really do think that this should actually be built-in to all Mozilla's latest releases, in placement of that awful, bastardised, corrupted, oversimplified 'Murkin version of our incredibly nuanced language.

    Standards and IQs are dropping and people need to be exposed to correct English.
  • Downloaded the English (UK) pack as I wanted to change it from the US version and surprise, surprise, NOTHING HAPPENS. It doesn't even show up as an option to change from the US version!
  • heel goed ! in de tijd schreef ik mijn Engels zoals mijn Nederlands maar door de jaren geen ook nog Frans en andere talen en ik moest een klein beetje aanpassen maar voor mij een grote thanks! groetjes fabien
  • Non è attivo perche?
  • Does not change anything i.e. it still spell checks with U.S. 'English'. NO good to me at all. There are other parts of the world using English, including the country in which it was invented. Must do better Mozilla. Why offer the add on if it does not work? Or, if there is a process to initiate/activate it, have a link to the instructions for those downloading the add on. This is sincerely disappointing.
  • Satisfaction Beyond Decscription...