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  • It just works on old version of Firefox. Are there any plans for the Firefox 57+ ?

  • Would be great to have a FF Quantum compatible version!

  • This addon works smooth FF56

  • It says something really sad about Firefox that 1) this plugin still has to exist, and 2) it doesn't work with newer versions.
    Guess I'll stay on the ESR.

  • It's a pain Ctrl+Q doesn't come up with a confirmation message like Alt+F4, and this helps a lot. I continually press Q instead of W, so this saves a lot of time for me.

  • I had so much nerves when I close all of my tabs. I happens all the time, and I get pissed off. Thanks.

  • Will stop working at all soon! And stops me having multiprocess now.

  • I like this addon, but I think it is not compatible with e10s.

  • Excellent

  • Hellooo!!

  • A very useful add-on that does what it's supposed to do.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Really disables the shortcut, but not only in Firefox itself, it also disables it in websites opened (ex: Microsoft WebMail/Outlook, CTRL+Q marks as read (I use it a lot).

    Should only disable quitting in Firefox, not websites as well.

  • Simple and works as intended. Thanks

  • Simple to use and does what it should do! Thanks :)

  • so useful

  • Pressed Ctrl+Q way too many times instead of Ctrl+W. Now, however, it won't happen again. I can press Ctrl+Q as much as I want now, and I won't close all my tabs!

  • Comme prévu, désactive le raccourci « control-q » fermant le navigateur.

  • Great addon :D

  • CTRL + Q and CTRL + W are quite close to each other. This is incredibly bad software design. Don't lose your work, install this.

  • I've been looking for this so much time

  • thaaaaaaaanks.

  • It's sad that an add-on is needed in the first place though

  • Thank you. Another would be translated into the languages of users.

  • Could someone please bash the Firefox devs' heads with this until they implement it into the browser? Thanks!

    Seriously, having Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W assigned this way is like an orders of magnitude more terrible design decision than CAPS LOCK's placement next to Shift.