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  • great add on. I love it :)
  • It translates foreign words, but what I really wish it did is what the title suggests: Define Words. It doesn't function very well as a dictionary. Sometimes words are defined, other times they're translated--with no real rhyme or reason.

    I wish Firefox had a Google Dictionary app that was actually a dictionary, like that available on Chrome.
  • Great job to floating multilingual Google Translate panel.

    Could you change the action of click add-ons button from translating whole page to WORD TRANSLATE PANEL (just like user select one word then press floating button, but user can input the word they want to search in the panel) ?
  • convenient.
  • Best Translator in Firefox.
  • At the time of this review, this is the best page translator extension available for Firefox 57+ (although there is a close second). I have already tried all of the other ones. Jeremy Schomery is really hard working and dedicated to perfection and excellence. When I made some perfectly reasonable feature requests, he quickly added them within a day or two. This extension gives you the option to translate using the same tab or by creating a new tab. It gives you more than one translator engine to choose from. Let me recommend Bing, as Google sometimes thinks that a page is already in English. This extension give you the option to add 'Translate with Bing', 'Translate with Google', or both to the context menu so that you can just right-click a page and translate it right away. There are additional options to customize and tweak this extension, but I think that they are way above my head. The important thing is that this extension does everything that I wanted and which other extensions wouldn't. If I could change one thing, it would be to make it so that the translated page returns back to the original text with only one click of the back button. Right now, you have to hit the back button twice to return to the original page.
  • Работает неплохо, но подгрузка в iframe переводчика Google это не самое элегантное решение, занимает время. И виновата здесь жадность Google на бесплатный Translate API.
  • Perfect