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Različica 2.0.3 2.0 KiB Deluje s Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

xiaohexie.com was recently blocked by China's GFW (firewall), but China users are still able to access the website via its ip address. This update merely changes the testing url to the ip version.

Različica 2.0.2 2.0 KiB Deluje s Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

Bug fixes:
- encodeURIComponent user input (since this is submitting information via http post), otherwise user input would be broken if it contained &'s.
- changed encoding to UTF-8; this will avoid potential compatibility problem with other Chinese add-ons.

Also, since I've had to switch several servers in the past, I now bought a domain name for this service, so I changed the httpRequest target URL. Hopefully I won't ever have to change this again.

Različica 2.0 3.0 KiB Deluje s Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

After a long hiatus in updating, here's the newest version.
The main motivation for a new version: before the addon would download the black list of words from my server, and then test for them on the client side. But due to increased restriction of GFW, the black list is blocked from the clients. Therefore I have moved the testing to server side, so user just needs to submit the text they're trying to post, rather than downloading the black list.