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  • The addon worked fine in the old version of Firefox, did everything that was required of it. It is a pity that he does not work in the new Firefox Quantum... :(
  • Sabotages 'Addons" window in Palemoon 28.1
    Only displays blank icons, no item details

    Works perfectly in FireFox v54 (ie, Fox ESR v52.2.0)
  • 4.1
  • No longer displays visit on addons.mozilla.org or copy AMO url options.
  • I am trying to download an add-on from my bank to complete a security system they wish to install on my computer. I cannot find the Add-On that is shown on their website on Mozilla Firefox, even by typing the address of it in to my top bar.
  • MAIO
  • very inconveniences to search or browse on line as it always goes to add-on
  • This is the perfect add-on to manage add-ons. Of course, there is always space for a tweak here and there, but as it is, it works amazingly well and is a life saver, mainly for those that really care for their Firefox installations (auto-updating is for "lusers", there, I said it!)

    Having read a lot about WebExtensions and coded some myself to check how far they can go, I realised that this add-on may be on its last days. I hope Firefox >57 will have a WE API, allowing a WE to access info of other installed WE, so this add-on could create a clone of the "about:addons" Page, without the functionality restrictions, otherwise, I will really miss it.

    Thank you for one of the greatest add-ons and good luck!
  • I installed it some time in the last couple of months...
    WORKED fine on
    FF v54.0.1
    scrapping the XUL/XPCOM extension system.. I have moved to FF v52.x the ESR release... for now.. and having installed Waterfox a fork of Firefox.. :D :D WORKS great there too!

    new idea [feature request]
    - distinct ICONS to the context menu to make it a bit easier to differentiate between entries,
    - [hr] dividers to separate chunks of selections more more readability.. OH you already have a few... they area reather HARD to see though so maybe ADD more and make them BOLD/thicker??

    EDIT2 (2017-10-03):
    adding url links for the version and beta version pages
    to the context menu... for rapid access of these web pages
    besides the default AMO Ext. page
  • Installed in Pale Moon 27.4.1; it works great! I use it so much, I don't know how I got along without its functionality before!

    Pale Moon will continue to support XUL, so I would encourage the developer not to abandon this excellent extension!
  • It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

    I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you. I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it.

    Do you plan to update it?
  • Always useful!
  • One of the essential addons!
  • Offers all options which are available. perfect!

    Small and useful thing missing:
    A shown addon-id should be next to the COPY-ID entry (like mentioned by alta88)
  • Small, but nice addon for power users. Does what is says. Personally, I am missing quick access to addons’ changelogs.
  • Lots of nice features and shortcuts, especially for people who make addons. It would be really useful to display the id somewhere more easily accessible, perhaps right aligned in the title line in the listing, or in More.., or even in the context menu.
  • Saves time!
  • Perfect & Save Time :)

    Thx !
  • Useful extension, helpful for inspecting installed extensions.
  • Stacy I can't believe you give an otherwise FINE add-on TWO Stars, simply because it doesn't have a feature on your wishlist.
    Why not rate it based on how well it does what it does? Unbelievable.
  • Great one. Makes it easier to find download/support pages for the extensions. Thanks.

    This works perfectly on FF34, so yes, maybe you are getting old, probably you are an idiot, and surely you should read the description and try to understand what it says before you rate an addon.
  • and just as good to have as in Fx. Fwiw i edited the install.rdf to bump the highest version number but didnt check if it needed the bump
  • 確かに便利になりました。