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Server Switcher

Very nice add-on although lack of features Ohodnotené 3 z 5 hviezdičiek

Could be very useable add-on if wildcards implemented or even better if regex replacement implemented.


Great Idea bad implementation (at least for newer versions of firebug) Ohodnotené 1 z 5 hviezdičiek

I was using this add-on for quiet a wile an it was great one day I payed attention that the text in the script windows is doubled.
It's like there is a stuck ghost script text on top of the real text.
Unfortunately it makes this add-on unusable.


Ohodnotené 2 z 5 hviezdičiek

The idea behind this plug in is great.
But it has some more work for perfection.
Some flows I encountered:
1. Aligning text too the left for rtl languages isn't a good idea.
2. The quick find bar catches all the hot keys for auto scroll,
so after speeding up/down once you have to close the quick find bar to speed up/down again and then again and again same story.
3. After auto scrolling till the bottom of the page the auto scroll continue to work. so if you pull up the scroll bar it's continue to scroll automatically. (it's more a feature some one may be likes such behavior, I'm not) .
4.Why to put readability Icon on the add-on bar ??? In case I want it there I'll customize my FF by my self and put readability button inside the bar by my self.

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (1.5). 

Babylon Dictionary Word Search

Simple and easy to use Ohodnotené 5 z 5 hviezdičiek

Great and simple add-on dose exactly what is says.Awesome dictionary collection.Small issue I encountered: some times even when I selected one word the add-on catches full sentence, what causes translation failing, Babylon translates only single words.

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku ( 

F1 by Mozilla Labs

Great add-on very useful for sharing interesting stuff with your friends. Ohodnotené 4 z 5 hviezdičiek

Great add-on very useful for sharing interesting stuff with your friends.
There is one big issue though:
When you in middle of sharing something and you already entered text but still haven't share it. Going to another tab will reset the f1 bubble

Inline Code Finder for Firebug

Ohodnotené 4 z 5 hviezdičiek

Nice feature, although it's begin to be messy if there is to many inline styles.

One thing that bothered me is: when you pointing objects close to the edge of scroll the pop up appears outside the scroll.

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (0.90).