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Walnut started life first a 'wood' theme for Mozilla somewhere around M10 (even before Firefox, Seamonkey, etc), which is now 9.5 years ago! By then the 'wood' idea came from my first attempts at creating a skin for Winamp.
The overall idea behind Walnut is to provide a convincing 'wood' look and feel, for all parts of the application, but with quality widgets using consistent and clear styling. One of the design rules is to always give consistent feedback on the use of widgets, by always providing a clear hover state and active state.

Aké budú ďalšie zmeny v doplnku Walnut for Thunderbird?

Main development focuses on supporting extensions, fixing issues (if any!), and keeping up to date with Thunderbird development, including support for current nightlies.

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Názov alfredkayser
Umiestnenie The Netherlands
Povolenie Business Architect @ Jibes
Domovská stránka http://outgoing.mozilla.org/v1/d0a8ba76d2d6e223c0320a48dffe294ba0c2f32e/https%3A//addons.mozilla.org/
Registrovaný March 5, 2007
Počet vytvorených doplnkov 21 doplnkov
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Active theme developer for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Songbird. I have also contributed to Mozilla core development in areas such as image decoding, zip file decoding, network cache, css parsing, and others. Developing all these themes and keeping these up to date with current (and future) releases of Firefox, Thunderbird (incl. Lightning) and Songbird take up much of my sparetime (next to acting, particular in open air performances of Shakespeare).
Contact: googlemail!