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Giorgio Maone

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As it often happens in the open source / free software world, I developed FlashGot to scratch an itch of mine: I needed a fast and reliable way to download many big files at once.
Historically, download managers have been supporting Internet Explorer only, so I decided to fill the gap by developing a bridge between Firefox and this useful class of products.

Today, FlashGot is the most powerful and complete form of integration between a browser and a download manager: it lets you download all the links of a web page at once, or a selection of them, or video/audio streams while they're playing, directly from Firefox to your favorite download manager.

Aké budú ďalšie zmeny v doplnku FlashGot Mass Downloader?

FlashGot is under continuous development, because its support for the most popular download manager products, file hosting web sites, link protection services and multimedia sources gets constantly increased and updated.

If there's a product or a service you'd like to be supported by FlashGot, please let us know at http://flashgot.net/forum

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Názov Giorgio Maone
Umiestnenie Palermo
Povolenie Dad, Software Developer
Domovská stránka http://maone.net/
Registrovaný March 5, 2007
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Kto je Giorgio Maone?

Hello, I'm a dad 24/7 and a software developer in my spare time.
I'm committed to make the web a safer place and the browser more fun, for us and our children :)