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I had no intention of creating a Thunderbird theme, none what-so-ever. I have been working on Gtk themes for Linux for a few years. With the last theme I had been working on DeLorean_Noir I was contacted by a gentelman offering to debug some of my Gtk2 theme. Somehow he got me from debugging to entirely creating a new theme and that would be DeLorean_varNaM. I was sharing with him my nightlys and he pointed out how bad Firefox looked. The next thing I know I am theming Firefox and before I had even finished it, he pointed out how bad Thunderbird looked not being themed, especially compared to Firefox. I guess I actually themed this so his Thunderbird would match his gtk theme. LOL. Thunderbird has been quite an undertaking. And i have been having a lot of fun theming it. Through these adventures I have learn't the need for having a monitor color profile.
I would like to thank S. Mike Smith for pushing me to make this theme. I would also like to acknowledge some of the excellent themes for Thunderbird that have given me inspiration: Silvermel/Caramel, TT DeepDark, and Adwaita themes.

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If this theme is well recieved i would like to keep it maintained work on theming more of the Thunderbird Addons. And continue to polish this theme. If time and resources allow and the interest is expressed I would like to port it to Windows and Mac.

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