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Speed Dial

Tab Problems Ohodnotené 4 z 5 hviezdičiek

I like to give you 5 stars, but now the add block the TAB funtion in firefox... argh. I reinstall firefox from a backup, so no problem... days later, no tabs anymore. If I deinstall SpeeDial no problems. So I dont know. Pls can you check the problem? SpeedDial is ver useful!

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First Page

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I try this because I have so many problems with speed dial (block my tabs). But this her isn't good. If you deinstall it, still open the new tab with a FirstPage Side. So I must use about:config, search "FirstPage" and rest it. So you can really erase the function.

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I love Greasemonkey! One of the best addons. So many scripts it can use to make yor virtual live in net better. I install GM with sone scripts to block some thinks in facebook I dont like to see or to use, like the cormercials and the chat. So "thumbs up!" for Greasmonkey!!!

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