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  • I have been using Last Pass for +1 year. And after some time the extension crash and I need to reinstall. This problem occurs in every browser that exists. It is so, so, SO annoying
  • Genuinely hate this company now.

    >Lastpass refuses to accept verified correct password
    >Account recovery is STILL broken, it was also broken in 2014
    >Multiple browsers' extensions broken including Chrome, Brave, Safari etc - broken for years, not a single bit of effort to fix one of them
    >Prices keep going up while performance, usability and particularly UI go downhill
    >Nothing is ever better than it was previously

    Why use this garbage service? At this stage, a notepad and a pencil is a far better solution because at least it f**king works.
  • I've used this extension for years. It has some quirks and can get in the way when you don't want to auto fill a field, but those problems are small compared to the value you get.
  • I have used this addon by years and saw no problem. Two factor auth. works perfectly.
    Yıllardır kullanırım, hiç bir sorununu görmedim. İki aşamalı doğrulaması ise takdire şayan çalışıyor.