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  • Did not work any longer after update to Firefox 71 on Linux
  • not working on latest Firefox
  • Постоянное принуждение купить платную подписку, , русского языка не стало - и это нам намек на то что мы им нах не нужны. КОНЧЕНЫЕ ПСЫ
  • There's a ridiculous bug where the popup becomes smaller each letter you type in the search box. kinda hillarious, but anoying at the same time.

    Please fix. Aside from this it works great.
  • Stop working on Linux after a recent update
  • LastPass has been my password manager for at least 5+years. I love the way I can categorize my accounts, check for PW, and get customer support.
  • Not working at all with Firefox 71 - would someone at Mozilla please FIX THIS! More than a major inconvenience - just really disgusting that there is no fix and this password manager that I'm so dependent on is not working at all.
  • Stop working since firefox 71 upgrade.
    Get stuck on login screen.
  • Poorly maintained extension. LastPass is dead, time to move to other password manager. This extension randomly crashes Firefox completely, all pages get stuck loading and the browser doesn't respond. AVOID.
  • Not working on linux with ff71. reverting to ff69 fixed it.
  • Love using lastpass, but it is currently broken on firefox 71 on linux
  • Not working on linux with ff71