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  • Vraiment très bonne et simple app pour stocker les mots de passe. Quelques petits bugs dans les versions actuelles...
  • 插件是好插件,敢問你為什麼突然不支持中文呢??有中文時給五星評價也不是難事。
  • La version gratuite est horrible...
    Application d'un éditeur douteux, LogMeIn a des antécédents d'applications assez eco+
    Et on ne sait pas trop ce qu'ils font avec les mots de passe...
  • Buggy as hell on Windows 10 plus last FF. I have a message saying that a script is slowing my browser. Plus it dosen't seems to save new website or pwd changes, each time I open FF I have to login despite the fact that I set it to not ask for pswd when closing and reopening browser. Tired of it.
    I have no issu on my windows 8.1 PC.
  • The current version is broken SO badly - things don't work like.......generating a password. That's one of the core functions, guys...wtf?

    Anyway, if you drop back to, it all works again.

    What's going on, Lastpass?!! Where is your QA?!
  • Expensive and broken.

    I like that theres a choice to have a free account, however the point is nullified if I (and numerous friends) can't even use it due to numerous script bugs that even a junior JS coder would find and fix.

    I would rather give my money in this case to the competition, at least they seem competent enough to deliver a product that works, if, at a price.