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  • No thanks! Keep getting this message "You are not logged in to your password database. Launch KeePass to enable Kee" even after numerous troubleshooting and reinstalling. It shouldn't be that complicated.

  • A star to reach "five" ... when filling when used reference ({REF:.....) in password field will be corrected ;-)
    ... Nice tool, very usefull, a "must have" if you store a lot of passwords and URLs ...

  • incorrect filling when used reference ({REF:.....) in password field.

  • A must have for KeePass !!! Many thanks for the dev ;-)

  • Not running in Seamonkey and not connecting to KeePassXC in Firefox. Unuseable.

  • Never loses connection with the database, unlike KeePassXC-Browser which would lose connection nearly every 60 seconds! Love the search in the toolbar icon!

  • It works well to use and synchronize login and password with Firefox Quantum

  • This is an excellent password manager, integrating with KeePass2 for Windows and Linux (it might also work with Mac, but I'm not sure, as I don't have one!). I've not used my browser password manager for years, and have used KeePass because it's portable across my machines, but I'm in control - I'm not reliant or beholden to a 3rd party to keep my data in-sync.

    And, if you're a cross-browser person too, there's a version of Kee for Chrome too... which makes it even better!!

  • Excellent and (still) works like a charm after some minor adjustments in settings (Security and Interface).

    Yes, I can agree with former users about how the new update reduced the quality as well as lead to some errors. However, after I visited their homepage and follow the instructions in order to install it correctly (https://www.kee.pm/) it worked as it used to do. The update caused some problem and before I reinstalled it and followed the instructions to the letter, didn't sync with Firefox.

    Verdict: They still deserve 5/5 for an excellent job.
    However, having to install the "Install KeePassRPC.plgx plugin" after the main installation is one unnecessary step which could be included in the installation pack.

  • Die Erweiterung ist ein würdiger Ersatz zu dem normalen Passwortmanager und funktioniert perfekt.
    Die Einrichtung war zwar etwas steinig, aber es werden alle Passwörter aus der KeePass Datenbank automatisch eingetragen.
    Fünf Sterne von mir.

  • Best tool to keep your password safe!

  • This extension is hardly working.
    Most of the time, it can't find anything in the database and I have to manually get the information from KeePass.

  • I love Kee!!!

  • I found this add-on very interesting but (pretty weirdo..lol).it seems that "this add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 56.0). You are using Firefox 52.0"..lololl :)..??? nope loll mine is FF Quantum V.59.0.2 .??..so is there any problem with ??? Tks for answering...:)

  • Efficace et pratique.

  • сразу разобрался
    на русском
    нет android версии

  • The latest version has added back the search feature. Not having search was the biggest problem with this Add-on. Without it, I would have rated this a 3-star. Awesome, now that it is back. Great work.

  • When used with firefox 59.0.1, the top page of Google(www.google.co.jp) etc turns white and it becomes unusable. When the mouse pointer passes, a link is displayed, but the search result also breaks the screen, so it can not be used as it is.
    Even if I disable the plugin, the situation will not change. When I uninstall, the defect is fixed.
    I wanted to report a forum if there was a forum, but I could not find it.

  • So much better than the old extension. Much more reliable at detecting login forms. However, why must it spam the dev tools console? No other extension does this.

  • i cant switch it on (a BIG RED OFF sign over top of it ) i tried everthing to switch it on

  • nice

  • Finally searching!

  • Search function ist available again. Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for adding the search function. Upgraded now from Firefox56.x to 58.x. Waited for this feature to upgrade... Thank you! Will donate soon.

  • I had given a low rating in the past compared to the previous KeePass. Over the last 2 updates, things have improved. The search feature was added back, which is a huge help for sites I don't have bookmarked. Most sites work now with Kee after the recent updates. I still prefer the old version, but I won't punish the app for changes they had to make due to Mozilla. I would like to see the return of the ability to start keepass on the icon though.