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  • Спасибо, в 60 смотреть видео невозможно, постоянно заикается. Свою функцию выполняет просто отлично.
  • I have a 2014 MBP with a Haswell CPU that supports h264 hardware acceleration, but doesn't support vp9.
    Before this extension, 1080p60 VP9 playback would cause high CPU usage and loud fan noises, but now I can watch 1080p60 h264 in silence, and even 2x speed works fine.
    The only downside is that quality higher than 1080p is not available in h264 on YouTube, but that's ok since I couldn't play anything higher than 1080p reliably anyway.
  • Thank you! 60fps block works perfectly on FF72.
  • Fixes high CPU usage on YouTube. Highly recommend. Also video loads faster and a lot more video buffered, which is perfect for those who still have dsl instead of fiber optics.
  • Fixed Youtube for me, thanks. VP9 playback is ass.
  • Firefox now uses GPU on YouTube videos and that makes a huge difference when watching videos whilst doing CPU intensive workloads for me.
    Thank you Dev! <3
  • Will not install.
  • amazing! x5 z8350: from ~144p with frameskips to very watchable 1080p30
  • At first it was great, I had nice smooth 1080p playback on youtube, but now, for some reason, the max resolution I can set is 480p, and I don't understand why.
  • Really helped with frame drops on Intel n3700 cpu with vp9 codec
  • +++ Must Have!