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  • great spelling tool
  • Awesone! But hope the plugin can have a switch to turn off globally, and turn on separately for the websiteds I need. Because I normally use the plugin when I write an email, and I don't want it to check my words and slow down the browser when I navigate among other pages.
  • 1 Star hoping a dev will see. Icon for Gramarly is intrusive and annoying. I cannot access Twitch Emotes with this extension active, please let us whitelist sites or something
  • good
  • worked great for 2 days then never again :( Pass on this one !
  • for anybody who is saying that it tells them to log in even though they already have (Grammarly is active, but key features are missing. Sign up now to unlock the following'.) go into your gmail and try typing the little icon should appear on the bottom right corner of the email you are typing click it and follow through the instructions, after that it should log you in.

    I know this is complicated and they should fix it but, it worked for me and hopefully it does for you too.